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Library gets a new print station

You’re running late to class but you have to print an essay. You rush into the library to print, only to find that all of the computers at the print station are being used. What do you do?

Turn around.

By the end of this week, library employees hope to have a second print station with 10 computers up and running. The kiosk will have two black-and-white printers and one color printer, available for students to use.

Cody Jacobson, an FGCU computer support specialist, said library employees decided to add a new kiosk because of student input and the high usage of the existing print station.

The two printers at the existing print station were used to print 48,000 pages last month, compared to 110,000 pages that were printed from the 25 printers in the main computer lab of the library. That means while each of the kiosk printers was printing 24,000 pages, the other 25 were only handling 4,400 each.

“The kiosks were so heavily used that some students didn’t even know we had a main lab,” Jacobson said. “They found the kiosk to be so useful.”

Junior Jordan Levy prints at the print kiosk once or twice a week, and likes the idea of a new kiosk.

“There’s extra space anyway there,” Levy said. “There’s so many people that just line up, and if you’re cutting it close to class or you’re late.”

Sophomore Nathan Holton also thinks the second kiosk could be good, although he only uses the print station once a week and has never had to wait in line to use it.
“I don’t really know when it’s busy, because I’m always here at six when it’s dead,” Holton said. “But yeah, I guess that could get pretty crowded if there’s only one of these.”

Jacobson said the print station should be up and running by the end of the week, and then, the library would like to replace the computers at the existing kiosk.
“We’ll probably wait a week to see if the 10 go down, so we’ll have those just in case,” Jacobson said. “But then we’ll be replacing the older ones just to be consistent. They’ll be a little faster.”

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