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Registration deadline for Community Engagement Day is April 8

Registration deadline for Community Engagement Day is April 8
Students table at 2014's Community Engagement Day. (EN Photo / James Greco:)

Students will have the chance to share their community service projects with their peers at the sixth annual Community Engagement Day on Friday, April 15.

“I think it’s the most exciting day of the year,” said Jessica Rhea, the director of service learning at FGCU. “There is so much energy in the room; it’s contagious. You get a sense of students’ passion for what they’re doing.”

Rhea is expecting 75 to 80 groups of students to attend and table at the event. Students who have participated in class projects, co-curricular projects and individual community service projects must register by Friday, April 8 on the Office of Service-Learning homepage.

Two faculty members will be honored at the event with the Commitment to Service award for integrating service learning into their courses or supporting service learning among their students. The faculty members had to be nominated by a member of the FGCU community.

There are 12 student awards that will be presented at the event, including the Creating Healthy Communities award. This year will be the first time that two of the awards, the Highest Impact and Most Engaged awards, will be given to students who were nominated for the award in advance, not chosen the day of the event. Rhea said this decision was made so the committee can reach out to the community partners who worked with nominated students, to assess how helpful the work was to the organization.

“The change was made because we wanted to be able to get more input from the community partner who is the recipient to see how impactful the work was,” Rhea said.

Other projects will be judged throughout the day by at least three of the 50 judges who will be present at the event.

Award winners will have $50 to $100 sent to the group they volunteered with.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Alico Arena with FGCU alumna Jessi Drumond speaking as the keynote at 10 a.m.

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