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Rescue Team ‘Nomads’ to speak at FGCU

The FGCU Rescue Team will  host intern speakers from Liberty in North Korea on Friday, Nov. 6 to discuss the struggles of the North Korean people, including what can be done to help. This event will be held in Reed Hall 249 from 6 to 7 p.m.

The interns, known as “nomads,” travel across the U.S. to spread awareness and help North Korean refugees escape to other countries and begin new lives.

The FGCU Rescue Team was founded in the last four or five years, serving as a means to raise awareness for the people of North Korea. At the event, students will learn what they can do to help the people of North Korea, be it by raising money for refugees or simply spreading awareness. They will also learn about Liberty in North Korea and what they do to help the cause.

“We meet to discuss other ways we try to raise money for refugees as well as raise awareness,” President Tatiana Galdamez said. “We’ll have more tabling events. Next semester well amp it up.”

Galdamez said that students can benefit from the event by learning about people with experiences vastly unlike their own.

“College is about meeting different people and learning about various different people,” Galdamez said. “People always associate North Korea with the dictatorship and not the people, so I hope they learn more about the people, and they’ll learn to be more open.”

For more information about the FGCU Rescue Team, as well as the event, visit or like them on Facebook.

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