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FOX gets flak

The burning death of Jordanian fighter pilot Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh has caused a global uproar in protest after the Islamic State group released a video of the killing. The majority of news outlets are covering the acts of the terrorist group while trying to dodge the video itself, but FOX News had a different approach.
In wake of the video being uploaded last week, FOX  decided to show it on air during a news broadcast. The anchor said, “we feel you need to see this,” and clips of the graphic video were shown.
For many Americans, FOX crossed a line in showing graphic content to its viewers, believing the images are too violent and gruesome. However, some still think that the Americans should see the reality of extreme terrorism for themselves.
Granted, FOX  isn’t always the most-reliable or morally just organization when it comes to news that is unbiased. It is often criticized for being too conservative. But in this instance, I feel like FOX had a right to let people know what exactly is going on in the Middle East and with extreme Islamists.
Americans are often coddled in what they see on the news. Filters are placed so we aren’t overexposed to the brutal reality and so we don’t get offended easily. But this video is very important in what we are faced with today.
For instance, Al Qaeda, the Islamist group known for terrorist activity, says the Islamic State group has gone too far in its efforts to show their power. Freaking Al Qaeda is fed up!
Jordan’s King Abdullah II has taken this issue with nationalism unmatched by most nations. His decision to deploy wave after wave of air raids is being renown as passionate and even bad-ass. Here’s to proving that nobody messes with Jordan.
If Americans weren’t as cushioned in exposure to world issues,  it may be more acceptable for our president to take advised yet stern actions against groups such as the Islamic State group.
Overall, I consider FOX’s decision a bold step in teaching people how to brace for the real world and to challenge authorities to step it up.

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Luke Janke is a super senior studying journalism at FGCU. When he’s not listening to podcasts, he’s busy producing his own podcast, Full Pulp. Concerts and music are at the forefront of his horizon, and when there’s an ounce of free time you’ll find him in his home studio laying down tracks for his music project, Bull Moose Party. As a self-proclaimed nihilist, his affinity for death is emphasized by the authentic squirrel skull found on his desk in the newsroom.

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