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Islam hate in Arizona proves America’s intolerance

One of the things we were consistently reminded of as kids in school was the fact that America was/is the mecca of freedom and a safe place to travel to in order to escape religious persecution. Like, that’s kind of America’s thing.

So when there are biker gangs belligerently protesting Islam at an Arizona mosque, it comes as a surprise that wearing shirts that read “F—Islam” and threats to gun down innocent Muslim citizens is not met with excessive police force aka Ferguson or Baltimore.

On March 30, swarms of white supremacists against Islam swarmed a Phoenix mosque with anti-Muslim signs and the first amendment blindly on their sleeves. However, the irony they preach for free speech is uncanny.

Thankfully, groups of Muslims and religious harmony activists made their appearance with signs promoting religious tolerance and tweeting against the hate with #NotOurAmerica.

American media is quick to label black youth as thugs, but full grown white men infringing on Muslims’ beliefs gets little to no coverage. Bikers and neo-Nazis marching for some perverted view of the 1st and 2nd amendment not only shows how far America has to go with tolerance issues, but it also unearths the deeper issue of America’s ignorance to recognize the fact that we even have these tolerance issues.

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Luke Janke

Luke Janke is a super senior studying journalism at FGCU. When he’s not listening to podcasts, he’s busy producing his own podcast, Full Pulp. Concerts and music are at the forefront of his horizon, and when there’s an ounce of free time you’ll find him in his home studio laying down tracks for his music project, Bull Moose Party. As a self-proclaimed nihilist, his affinity for death is emphasized by the authentic squirrel skull found on his desk in the newsroom.

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