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Dunk City After Dark

Since March, FGCU fans and students have been waiting for the return of college basketball and “Dunk City.” Friday night was their sweet first taste of the 2013-14 season.

For the first time in history, FGCU was featured alongside eight other universities on ESPNU as part of the annual “Midnight Madness” college basketball showcase. FGCU’s showcase, locally dubbed as “Dunk City After Dark,” was a first look for students, fans and the rest of the college basketball world at this season’s FGCU men’s and women’s basketball programs.

The night began for Cinderella as students, fans, athletes and camera crews packed into Alico Arena, once again decorated in green and blue and armed with cameras and Dunk City signs. After an introductory tunnel video, featuring FGCU students and the men’s basketball team, head coach Joe Dooley, along with the rest of the team, was introduced to fans for the first time this season.

Still two weeks out from the Eagles’ first tip off, FGCU has already reminded the country that Dunk City is still here with a spot on the SC top-10. During a dunk contest that was a part of Friday night’s showcase, Auburn transfer Brian Greene Jr secured FGCU’s spot on the top ten with his contestwinning, 360-degree, between-the-legs dunk. Following the highly anticipated dunk contest, the Eagles finished the night with a team scrimmage featuring plenty of dunks.

The season begins for the Eagles on Nov. 8, in Nebraska’s home opener in the newly built Pinnacle Bank Arena and will be streamed live on the Big Ten Network. The Eagles land back at The Nest on Nov. 12 as part of their “Breakfast at the Beach” home opener at 7 a.m.

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Kelli Krebs

Kelli Krebs is a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University and is currently the editor-in-chief at FGCU's campus newspaper, Eagle News. She majors in journalism and minoring in advanced procrastination and works throughout the area as a sports reporter and freelance photographer. When she's not behind a camera, Kelli can be found secretly jamming along to the "Grease" soundtrack in her car, quoting all of the dialogue from Fight Club, or watching Breaking Bad reruns (RIP W.W.). Fan of pre-Jameis Winston Florida State, college basketball, Red Sox Spring Training, and untorrented FC Barcelona games.

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