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Cabrera prepares for Olympic trials in paradise

As the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil quickly approach, crunch time meets begin to take place all over the world.

For most U.S. swimmers, trials take place in Omaha, Nebraska, but for FGCU alumna swimmer Lani Cabrera, trials are just a few islands up in the Bahamas.

Lani Cabrera has Olympic Qualifying “A” Time standard scores, meaning she has the opportunity to represent her home country, Barbados, in Rio if the chance arises. Currently, Cabrera is ranked first in her country in the FINA world rankings.

“For smaller countries, depending on the sport, they choose the top athletes (female and male) for certain sports, and for Barbados, they choose the top female and the top male for swim,” Cabrera said. “I’m currently ranked first in my country, and we begin the Olympic swim trials on June 29.”

With trials starting June 29, Cabrera and teammate Karen Vilorio will head to the Bahamas on Sunday, along with other athletes from all of the Caribbean islands and other Latin countries. This meet will mark the last time any swimmer can qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

“I don’t technically have to go to this meet, but I want to maintain my top spot; so, I chose to go to this meet,” Cabrera said. “Karen is ranked second in her country (Honduras), so this meet will determine if we go to Rio. And, we’ll find out July 3.”

If Cabrera ends up representing her home country this summer, she will become the fifth FGCU athlete to participate in the Olympics.

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