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Kane’s Korner: It will take time to forgive Enfield

A week ago Andy Enfield was the beloved head coach of FGCU. He had advanced in the Sweet 16 with a team that nobody thought would win the first game.

Well he shocked the world. He and his team won the first game against Georgetown. And then the second against San Diego State. Then boom Enfield became the hottest craze since the Harlem Shake.

His success turned out to be a double-edged sword for FGCU.

As his success went up, the money followed. Unfortunately for FGCU, the money wasn’t there to give Enfield a multi-million dollar deal that some of the bigger schools could.

The athletics department worked diligently to keep Enfield. They found money to nearly double his salary for next year (around $300,000).

That wasn’t enough. The Wall Street in him took over and once the University of Southern California came calling Enfield not only listened, he jumped at the first mention at a higher salary.

But do you really blame him? When you lead a 15-seed to the Sweet 16, bigger, better schools are going to come calling. There were reports that Minnesota and Old Dominion also tried to lure Enfield to its respective schools but nothing is more appealing than Southern California and a ton of cash.

Who could be mad anyway? Every single one of us here would leave too, don’t lie.

What’s upsetting is how he left. How the timing was terrible. How this program just started something amazing and just like that FGCU is looking for a new coach.

Not even a week after leading FGCU to the Sweet 16, he’s gone. It was no surprise. As soon as Enfield got home from Dallas, he was in talks with USC athletic director Pat

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Justin Kane

Entering his fourth year on the Eagle News staff and final year at FGCU, Justin Kane is Eagle News’ editor-in-chief. Kane is an Orlando native majoring in communications with a passion for sports. Kane is a published sports writer for news outlets like Naples Daily News, The News-Press and Florida Citrus Sports. Kane is a founding father of FGCU’s Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, avid EDM listener and loves Scarface. (Follow Justin on Twitter: @ByJustinKane)

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