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Weather deters FGCU’s potential first win of season

Coming into Wednesday’s match against the UCF Knights, all FGCU athletic teams have shut out their opponents.

This streak continued when the FGCU men’s soccer game vs the UCF knights was called a “no contest.”

The match wasn’t completed due to two lightning delays. The first came with 8 minutes left in the first half, and the second delay halted play and ultimately the game, which happened with 26 minutes remaining in the second half.

With the match being called a “no contest,” all statistics that were recorded were voided except for a red card that was given to UCF’s Neico Regent. If 6 more minutes of the contest were completed between the Eagles and the Knights, the match would have been considered official, giving FGCU its first win of the season by a score of 2-0.

The Eagles’ first goal came in the dying minutes of the first half when Skylar Wilks came charging into the box and was taken down by a UCF defender, as the ref pointed to the spot.Miguel Jaime stepped up to the spot and buried his penalty kick into the bottom left side of the goal, past the goalkeeper, giving FGCU a 1-0 advantage. In the 61st minute, Rielle Mohsin was one on one with the goalie when his shirt was pulled from behind by UCF defender Neico Regent who received a red card for the foul. Mohsin called dibs on the penalty kick, walked up to the spot and converted his shot from the penalty marker in the upper right corner giving the Eagles a 2-0 advantage.

It seemed like the Eagles were soaring to their first victory, but the decision to call the game off spoiled the Eagles’ first win of the season. Next week they take on Princeton at home, searching for their first victory of the year.


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Miguel Rodriguez is a sophomore communications major at FGCU. Miguel is from Lyndhurst, New Jersey, and has lived in the Cape for seven years. Rodriguez would one day like to be an anchor for Sportscenter on ESPN. Miguel supports Real Madrid, Arsenal, the Lakers, the Yankees, the Jets, and Orlando City Soccer Club. When not watching his favorite teams in action or covering sporting events, Miguel likes to play FIFA and spend time with friends, and family.

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