ASAP steps to its own beat

There are numerous outlets for students to express their creativity at Florida Gulf Coast University. If you are interested in dancing, performing, making music and using spoken word, then you’re in luck! There is a club on campus that combines all of these forms of art together.
A Step Above Perfection, otherwise known as ASAP, is a step-dancing team that combines percussive dance with intricate rhythms to produce a powerful form of art.
Stepping is derived from the fundamentals of break dancing, gymnastics and African and Caribbean dance. Participants use their entire bodies as an instrument. Through a mixture of handclaps, footsteps and the occasional chant, step teams captivate audiences with their intense shows.
A Step Above Perfection first came to FGCU’s campus in January 2009. The club has 13 members, all of whom are female.
“All that is required of potential new members is a willingness to be taught as a team, keeping an open mind and having a love to step” said Sandluny Buron, an active member of ASAP.
The team provides new members with a second family.
“We are open to anyone, not just one specific ethnicity,” Buron said. “It is something that is extremely important to the members of ASAP.”
Every new member brings along a set of skills and connections. Networking on and off campus has provided the club with opportunities they didn’t start off with five years ago.
Since its start, ASAP has performed in numerous shows and functions. Some of their proudest performances include stepping at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in Fort Myers, middle schools and Lehigh Senior High School. One of the best parts about all of these opportunities is that they provide members with service-learning hours.
ASAP is adamant about using their talents to help encourage others to self-express. Every February, ASAP performs in a showcase on campus that highlights how hard they have worked all year and gives the FGCU community a chance to see their skills and abilities.
The club will be performing at the upcoming Eagle Expo hosted in the Cohen Center.
ASAP practices every Thursday night. The club is looking for prospective members to come out to their audition next semester. The group encourages  driven students with goals of building relationships and creating strong bonds to try out. There are no outside costs to become a member of ASAP.
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