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Eagle Media is a department of Florida Gulf Coast University and the only student-run media group on campus.

Each spring semester, we select the top student leaders to help take our program to the next level, but there are opportunities to get involved that are available throughout the entire year. We’re looking for students of all majors and experience levels. In exchange, we offer experience, service learning hours, networking opportunities, and some paid positions as well as the chance to be part of something you never thought possible.

PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for leadership positions, students must be in good academic and conduct standing, in accordance with FGCU’s Student Activities Eligibility requirements.

Learn more about all of the positions and how to apply below:


Wanna be the head honcho of an evolving and thriving multimedia operation? The Eagle Media Executive Editor is selected each spring by the FGCU-appointed Student Media Advisory Board and serves as the primary student leader of the organization. This position provides supervision for all three content-producing branches of Eagle Media – Eagle News, ENTV, and Eagle Radio. The Executive Editor is tasked with ensuring that all staff and contributors within Eagle Media operate with the highest degree of professional and ethical standards. Executive Editor is responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures outlined in the Eagle Media Executive Manual as well as ensuring that all staff members undergo proper training and understand the policies and procedures of the organization. The Executive is responsible for leading weekly news staff meetings, assigning news coverage, monitoring the news budget, supervising every news production night, and ensuring that section editors are on task to meet deadlines. Previous news editing experience preferred.


The Eagle Media Marketing and Sales Manager are selected each Spring by the University-appointed Student Media Advisory Board to generate and manage ad sales revenue for Eagle Media as well as promote the Eagle Media brand to the university and its surrounding community. It is the responsibility of the Marketing and Sales Manager to promote the business and branding of Eagle Media through regular contact with potential clients, promotional campaigns, and fundraising events. The Marketing and Sales Manager is responsible for working with the Media Adviser and any other promotional personnel to set and meet sales goals, build the client base, conduct market research, track circulation, and web analytics, and submit monthly and quarterly business reports.


The Eagle News Editor is the glue of the entire Eagle News team. Hired by the advisory board, this position is responsible for overseeing the news content on and in the monthly Eagle News print magazine. Because news is always happening on campus and locally, this position requires a considerable time commitment and a willingness to be available late nights and weekends. This is for a deadline-driven student who understands that the media industry operates in minutes not days. It’s for the digital news junkie who loves to be the first to break information and beat the competition. This position also requires skill in team management and exceptional communication. The Eagle News Editor must be in regular contact with the Executive Editor as well as editors, promotional staff, and other content contributors to ensure that relevant content is updated on the site in a timely and visually-appealing manner. Knowledge of Google Analytics and SEO is preferred. Experience with web design, social media, and WordPress is a big plus.


The Eagle Media Graphics Design Editor is responsible for overseeing the graphics in the paper and online as well as having an overall knowledge of the paper’s layout. They are responsible for checking and fulfilling newsroom assignments or assigning other graphic design staff. He or she is expected to stay in regular contact with Business Manager to fulfill any ad design orders from clients as well.

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is a must. Experience using Adobe Illustrator preferred.


The Eagle Media Photo Editor is responsible for managing and executing the photo assignment needs of all three Eagle Media operations–Eagle News, ENTV, and Eagle Radio. He or she is responsible for communicating with the Eagle News EIC, ENTV Director, and Eagle Radio General Manager to find out when photography is needed. He or she is tasked with regularly checking the Master Budget for photo assignments and enlisting other photographers to take photos when needed. He or she is charged with taking and submitting photos in a timely manner and ensuring that the other photographers do the same. Prior photo experience is a must. Experience using a Canon DSLR and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop are strongly preferred.



The Assignment & Features Editor serves as one of the primary leaders of Eagle News, that is, this position provides some oversight to content in print and online. This position is responsible for the largest portion of the monthly print edition, overseeing the layout and development of content ranging from local politics and current events to entertainment and special topics. The A&F Editor is also responsible for keeping the campus community up-to-date on the latest news by working with the Digital Editor to ensure digital-first coverage of big events and breaking news. This role is for an organized, exceptional manager of people who can move quickly and plan ahead strategically. This is the perfect role for a student serious about a career in journalism and media and it is a role that will stand out to media employers on a resume. This is for student who loves storytelling and keeping the community informed about the world around them. Good grammar skills and familiarity with AP Style are a necessity. The ability to set and keep deadlines is a must. Must be willing to learn and uphold media law and ethics. Previous news writing experience is strongly preferred.


The Sports Section Editor and the Opinion Section Editor are hired by the Eagle Media Executive Editor and are responsible for curating and producing a steady stream of content for their respective sections. Each section editor is responsible for maintaining a weekly budget of relevant story ideas as well as assigning those stories to writers. They are responsible for updating their budget daily in a shared master budget for all editors to view. Section editors are responsible for setting and enforcing weekly deadlines for their writers. They are also responsible for laying out the content for their section in Adobe InDesign. If their section is short on content, the section editors and their assistants are responsible for producing stories to fill the space. With the exception of breaking news, every editor is also responsible for carefully reviewing the stories submitted to his or her section by writers BEFORE production night in order to allow ample time to discuss any issues with the writer. Section editors must be available to work late nights and occasional weekends. Authoritative knowledge and interest in the section you oversee are preferred but not required. Familiarity with Adobe InDesign is a plus. Knowledge of the AP style is a must.




Eagle Media is the independent, student-run organization, which oversees media outlets Eagle News, Eagle Radio and ENTV. The ENTV Director is responsible for managing the overall operations of ENTV and working in concert with the leaders of Eagle News and Eagle Radio. The director develops and assigns original video projects for and for the ENTV Youtube channel. The director is responsible for working with the Eagle News Executive Editor and Digital Editor to develop videos to accompany Eagle News content and also for assisting the Eagle Radio General Manager on multimedia projects. The director is responsible for producing content on a variety of topics, including but not limited to news, sports, and entertainment. Must be willing to learn and uphold media law and ethics as well as communicate those ethics to the rest of the staff.


The ENTV Assistant Director is hired by the ENTV Director and is responsible for assisting the director in communicating policies and procedures regarding equipment usage, production schedules, copyright laws, and media ethics. This position must regularly communicate with the ENTV director and be present for meetings and big productions and events. The role of the Assistant Director is to ensure that operations are smooth and deadlines are met. This position will step in when the director is unavailable and ensure the quality and timeliness of videos, also contributing ideas and collaborating with the director about any issues that may arise within ENTV. The Assistant Director may also produce video segments and series themselves. Some knowledge of Adobe Premiere is preferred. Experience producing, and editing video content is a must.




Eagle Radio serves as a platform where students can broadcast music, entertainment, and information through the hallways, dining halls, and mobile devices throughout campus. The Eagle Radio Station Manager plays an intrinsic role in overseeing the development of new original podcasts, staffing, and the streaming of music. The Station Manager is responsible for working closely with the other branches of Eagle Media on promotional and outreach efforts as well as always keeping the Eagle Media Executive Editor up to speed on content and upcoming projects. The Station Manager is responsible for ensuring the quality, professionalism, and consistency of radio content, and addressing any operational issues as they arise.


The Programming Director is hired by the Station Manager. The Programming Director is responsible for the entire on-air product. He or she governs the production and quality of all the radio content to ensure that it is timely, consistent, and uniform. The Programming Director serves as the liaison between on-air staff and management. This position is responsible for resolving conflicts between staff and ensuring that all deadlines are being met. With control over production, talent, work schedules, and program schedules, the PD’s programming objectives support the goals of the Station Manager. This position requires a considerable time commitment, with occasional late nights and weekends. Knowledge of radio production and/or working in a broadcast control room is preferred but not required.