Give me tailgates or give me death

At colleges throughout the country, tailgating and sports seem to go hand in hand. Hours before a school’s sporting event, students cook out, socialize, play games and typically enjoy a beer. For many years, tailgating has been seen as a tradition at these universities.
Even though our school isn’t as large as many other universities, students still definitely have a selection of stellar sports teams to go out and support.
We all know the amount of talent that many of our athletes possess, from Florida Gulf Coast University being coined as “Dunk City” after our first year in the NCAA tournament, to our baseball players that have been drafted by major league baseball, and even our men’s soccer team that is currently 3-1 in the A-Sun Conference this season. Our club sports perform successfully, too, with FGCU’s men’s lacrosse team competing at the 2014 MCLA National Championships.
We don’t lack in the talent department when it comes to the sports here, but our tailgates are definitely  lacking something.
As most students know, FGCU is a “dry” campus, meaning that alcohol is not allowed anywhere around or on campus. Although students who are 21 and older are allowed to have alcohol in their dorm rooms, alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed to be consumed at tailgates.
While drinking most certainly isn’t one of the only ways to have fun, tailgating before a big game, cooking out and having a couple beers are activities that create a memorable experience that pairs perfectly with sports and will forever remind you of the fun you had in college.
FGCU is known for how safe the campus and the surrounding area are, and we have many organizations and clubs that would willingly follow the rules. Students should be able to get a true college experience and have a good time with their friends when they are at the legal drinking age.
Real tailgates will also make more students want to attend our team’s games, leading to greater moral support from the spectators to the athletes and a possible enhancement of our players performances.
Many loyal sports fans found their love of sports at their very first game, and for many of those people, this occurred in college.
There’s just something about the tradition of tailgating that makes sports so much more fun. Being able to relax, hang out with friends and support your school all at the same time is a tradition that I know many FGCU students wish we fully had.
If alcohol was allowed at tailgates before sporting events, students could experience a tradition that has been going on across the country for a very long time. The most imperative priority in college is definitely schoolwork, but memories and experiences are also extremely important.
With our outstanding athletes and our beautiful sports facilities, we have the perfect setup for an unforgettable experience. If students are old enough to purchase and consume alcohol, they should be allowed to wind down and enjoy a drink before they support our athletes.