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Hassan Brissett

Yes, Tyler can see in the future!

Although we didn’t discuss the World Series this episode, Tyler’s the only one who had picked the Nationals to beat the Astros.  On the subject of going against the grain, one of our hosts finds himself against the other 3 over multiple subjects.  We talk NFL midseason awards, College Football, NBA, and as always finished with our Buzzer-beaters

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Outta Bounds: NFL Nutcases

We got Rick back in the mix after missing last week for PT.  Bryce thinks it’s time for him to have his Jordan “Flu” game.  David’s on the soundboard and Tyler’s watching the time.  We discuss how legit is LSU, which NFL fan base should be worried, are the 49ers legit, and we cover our winners and losers from this weekend.

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Outta Bounds, Outta Line

In today’s episode, we have Rick and Abby out of the room, so we have our audio man David fill in the shoes. We discuss UF’s chances of making the playoffs, how the California Bill “Fair Play to Pay Act” affects the future of the NCAA and its athletes, CMC vs Barkley, and we are somehow still discussing baseball. Well, it is October after all.

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