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Car enthusiasts gather on Centennial Park for car show

Car enthusiasts gather on Centennial Park for car show

By Katie Loudermilk

Staff Writer

Cars are a shared interest among almost all age groups. Centennial Park, Ft. Myers, holds a monthly car show.

This month, on March 23, a parking lot held 50 vehicles—from sports cars to bikes. The owners shared their car knowledge with one another and visitors.

There were SUVs with huge subwoofers that were fully customized. Several cars featured FGCU window decals. Among the participants was a remodeled car dedicated to Paul Walker, like the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R from the Fast and Furious movies.

Food options were provided for the community serving BBQ and sandwiches.  Local businesses also participated by advertising sound systems and paint jobs.

To top off the day, a concert was held with Trina the rapper as the main performer and other local music groups for entertainment.

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