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Students perform in off-FGCU show

Expect to hear some Bluegrass in your German classic next week. It’s one of a few changes in a southern spin on “Woyzeck,” Ghostbird Theatre Company’s latest production.

You can also expect to see some familiar faces. The play will be directed by Professor Barry Cavin and will star several FGCU students.

Written by Georg Buchner and left unfinished upon his death, “Woyzeck” has been performed and adapted in a variety of ways since 1913.

This will be Cavin’s second time directing “Woyzeck.” His first, done for the TheatreLab in 2007, was mostly straightforward.

He doesn’t like to repeat past work, but he said, “some shows offer multiple opportunities at ways of viewing the play.”

The wrap-around for the story will follow a group of buskers from an isolated valley in the Appalachian Mountains as they travel from town to town, performing a play. In keeping with the show’s conceit, all of the dialogue will be done with a southern accent.

“It seems kind of funny, but when you see the play, it fits,” said Cavin. “With the society that exists inside this play, having it somewhere in the mountains, cut off from the rest of the world, is a nice place to let it fester.”

Cavin is also incorporating a lot of music into the production. Original music and reworked German folk songs will be presented as Country and Bluegrass tunes. With 25 scenes, the play can sometimes feel a bit fragmented. Beyond contributing to the southern tone of the show, Cavin said that the band “is going to serve as the glue that holds all of it together.”


Brittany Albury

Sarah Blinkhorn

Brittney Brady

Jim Brock

Jackie Degraaff

Becca Goldberg

Katelyn Gravel

Steph Langnas

Katherine Myers

Hanny Zuniga


Original Music

Philip Heubeck

Chris Ludvigsen

Performed By

Pearlie Mae and the Crawdaddy Boys.

If You Go

Where: Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center

When: October 16-18 & October 20

Price: $10

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