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14th Annual Burrowing Owl Festival to be held Feb. 27

The Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife is hosting the 14th annual Burrowing Owl Festival from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27 at Rotary Park in Cape Coral.

Cape Coral is home to the largest burrowing owl population in Florida. The CC Friends of Wildlife, a volunteer organization, focuses on doing a lot of work to protect the owl population and educate the community about them.

The festival will include activities for people of all ages. Some of these activities will be photography tours, tours of the butterfly house, bus tours to go see the owls, a silent auction and an art contest.

There will also be educational talks that will allow people to learn about the owls and how to build their own burrows to attract the owls to their property.

John Herman, an FGCU professor, will be giving a couple of the talks.

“We created the perfect habitat for them here in Cape Coral,” said Honey Phillips, an environmental recreational specialist, the vice president of the CC Friends of Wildlife and an FGCU graduate student. “They’re such charismatic animals. It’s our job to protect and celebrate them.”

The CC Friends of Wildlife are always looking for volunteers and do offer service learning hours. Volunteer opportunities are available both for the festival and for other needs. For volunteer opportunities, interested parties can contact Phillips at

A $5 donation is suggested upon entry. For more information about the festival, visit

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