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Florida agency investigates local Planned Parenthood branches

Three Planned Parenthood facilities are being investigated by the Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, and two of these facilities are in Southwest Florida.

The facilities are being investigated because of accusations they broke first trimester limit for abortions to be carried out.

Florida Administrative Code Rule 59A-9.019 specifies that a first trimester is the “first 12 weeks of pregnancy.” These facilities are accused of running second-trimester abortions.

Registered Student Organizations on the Florida Gulf CoastUniversity campus have reacted to the news.

Lindsey Connelly, a junior elementary education major, is the president of the Christian Student Organization, which supports the pro-life movement.

Connelly believes it’s positive that the clinics are being investigated and attention is being given to them.

“It’s good that they’re realizing there’s a problem with abortions and the body parts,” Connelly said.“We as an organization want to work with local churches, and partner with organizations to stand outside Planned Parenthood [clinics] and help people learn about this issue.

“I think it’s important for people to understand Planned Parenthood is not just counseling,” Connelly said. “It’s turning into a negative thing and they’re convincing people to get abortions and profit from these.”

VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood has been an organization on campus for approximately three years now. Julian Montalvo, a senior double-majoring in communication and philosophy, is president of the organization.

According to Montalvo, the organization provides a “welcoming environment to discuss issues surrounding reproductive rights and justice, safe sex, sexual health, and sex education”.

Montalvo believes these accusations are “always being made in cycles often directly related to election periods.”

“Allegations of unethical behavior run rampant in such a heated discourse like reproductive rights and freedom — particularly toward Planned Parenthood because of our organization’s large and visible stature,” Montalvo said.

Montalvo believes this issue might ultimately end up “limiting the access students have to the services they deserve and have a right to.”

Regarding the future plans of the VOX organization, Montalvo said “we plan to continue engaging members with the information on reproductive rights and freedom from all dimensions of the debate.”

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