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One book, one campus film event

One book, one campus film event

Florida Gulf Coast University’s summer book project, One Book, One Campus, will come to a

close this Wednesday with the viewing of documentary “Rain in a Dry Land.” The documentary

tells the story of two families who are able to leave a refugee camp in Kenya for America. The

families must learn to live in a new country and are faced with racism, prejudice and a culture

different from their own.

Senior Madeline Heath is the outreach coordinator for OBOC, and she believes the documentary

screening will be a good way to close a semester-long discussion of Warren St. John’s novel

“Outcasts United.”

“The documentary gives refugees their voice,” Heath said. “It’s our last event and it is a good

ending cap. It’s a way to get another perspective.”

“Outcasts United” tells the story of an Atlanta, Georgia soccer team made up of young refugees

from the Middle East and Africa. It was required reading for incoming FGCU freshmen.

The event is open to any interested community members, faculty and students and will take place

at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 12 in Academic Building 7, room 114. The film will be introduced by

Professors Karen Tolchin and Delphine Gras, and will be followed by a discussion.

“I would encourage everybody to go and be involved in this academic community,” Heath said.

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