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Professor Bradley K. Hobbs to leave FGCU to teach at Clemson

Professor Bradley K. Hobbs to leave FGCU to teach at Clemson

Bradley K. Hobbs, a founding faculty member at FGCU, announced that he will be leaving to teach at Clemsom University.

Hobbs is one of the many professors at FGCU who has worked to develop the economics program for the last 19 years.

He was also the only economist hired in 1996 at the university’s opening where he held a joint position between the College of Arts and Sciences and Lutgert College of Business.

 On May 27, he announced that he will be leaving FGCU to teach at Clemsom University as a clinical professor of economics.

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Hobbs was contacted by Clemson University in April about an opportunity to serve on its newly created faculty position that will focus on developing economic education, and he has decided to take the position.

He will be teaching the Principles of Economics, the History of Economic Thought, BB&T Distinguished Professor of Free Enterprise: The Moral Foundations of Capitalism — a course that he has taught at FGCU for the last nine years.

In a Facebook post, Hobbs thanked the community, his colleagues and students for their guidance and inspiration throughout the years.

“I’ve sent hundreds of students — maybe thousands — out into the world. Almost all have thrived. Almost all have taken something away from me but given me back so much more than they can possibly know,” Hobbs said in his post.

He left off with one final note of gratitude to students and faculty at FGCU.

“I owe all of you a deep debt of gratitude,” Hobbs wrote. “The goal is human flourishing: Go forth and thrive my friends!”

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