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Ronda Rousey made drowsy by Holly Holm’s fight of her life

Going into UFC 193, Ronda Rousey had won her last four fights in a total of 64 seconds, but on Saturday night, one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time was knocked out by challenger Holly Holm.

Coming into the women’s bantamweight title fight matchup between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, most favored the undefeated champion Rousey. Many didn’t even think Holm could escape the first round of the fight, let alone beat Rousey due to Rousey’s recent domination in the world of UFC.

At the sound of the bell, the fight began, and Rousey came out strong with her aggressive mentality that she has stuck to throughout her career. Holm calmly made sure to get out of the corners of the octagon, avoid Rousey’s punches and takedowns and made Rousey chase her around the octagon. Frustrated with inability to catch the speedy Holm, Rousey let her guard down, and Holm was able to capitalize with some left-handed jabs and a mean elbow.

In the five minutes of the first half, the crowd and the whole world witnessed Rousey lose the first round of her career.

Holm wasn’t done yet. After noticing that Rousey was getting frustrated, Holm continued to dodge Rousey’s punches, and 59 seconds into the second round, Holm was able to sneak in a left hand to make Rousey dizzy. Due to the impact of the punch, Rousey had her back turned to Holm, and once Rousey turned around, she met a left head kick, knocking her out onto the octagon floor. Gradually, making sure she finished the job, Holm’s climbed atop Rousey, but the job was already done. The referee called the match, giving Holm’s the UFC bantamweight title by knockout. Holm’s single-handedly outfought, arguably, one of the best UFC fighters of all time and shocked the globe.

“The Preacher’s Girl” pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history, ending Rousey’s 12-0 record and becoming the first fighter to knockout the great Ronda Rousey. It looked like all the time watching film and training hard in the gym paid off for Holm, as she stuck to her strategy and slayed Goliath.

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