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Alexandra Figares

Dali makes an appearance on campus

FGCU’s library is home to more than just computers and textbooks — nestled on the third floor in Library Archives is a space where works of art and items of historical significance come to rest. The FGCU Library hosted a reception for “Dali Interprets” a new exhibit in the Library’s Archives and Special Collections on Thursday, Jan. 19. “Dali Interprets” marks the first exhibit of the year featuring 12 lithographs created by renowned Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali. On loan from The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg “Changes in Great Masterpieces” and FGCU’s own “Currier & Ives as Interpreted by...

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First-time-in-college students’ GPAs, SAT and ACT scores rise

Every year, academic standards for incoming FGCU students rises. At the Tuesday, Jan. 10 Board of Trusteees meeting, it was revealed that FGCU first-time-in-college students’ GPA, SAT and ACT scores have risen steadily in the past few years. In fall 2016, the average FTIC GPA was 3.81, compared to 3.78 in 2015 and 3.68 in 2014. ACT scores increased correspondingly, as scores averaged at 24.1 compared to 23.9 in 2015, yielding an academically competitive year for FGCU. As the number of applications increase, enrollment numbers remain fixed. In consequence, GPA and test scores increase, requiring a more selective admissions...

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Search for new FGCU president continues

The FGCU Board Of Trustees held a meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 10. Among the various topics discussed, a pressing topic revolved around the university’s ongoing search for a new president. The BOT revealed details in regards to seeking out qualified candidates for FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw’s replacement. Daniel Heimmermann and Ken Harmon are prospective candidates, however, Board of Governors Chancellor Marshall Criser ruled that it was imperative to seek out one or more qualified candidates for the position, in accordance with the Board of Governors Regulations. In consequence to the aforementioned circumstances, applications for qualified candidates are open from...

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North Lake Commons to be renamed in honor of FGCU Foundation Board of Directors member

North Lake Commons will be renamed following a unanimous vote held at the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 10. FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw revealed the name change during the meeting. “After very little discussion but with great enthusiasm, the Finance Board voted unanimously to name, the what is now the Commons in North Lake Village to the Dick Ackert Community Center [sic],” Bradshaw said. North Lake Village will soon be renamed the Dick Ackert Community Center, after FGCU’s Foundation Board of Directors Chairman Richard C. Ackert. In addition to serving on FGCU’s Foundation Board of Directors, Ackert...

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