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TV Show Review: My Adventures with Superman

Bella Lopez

Before I start the review of this show I need to warn you that this will contain light to moderate spoilers, however, nothing too major will be spoiled. However, most of the spoilers are considerably basic information about characters like Superman which most people know.  

“My Adventures with Superman” is exactly what the title says. It follows Clark Kent (Superman), Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen as they work at the Daily Planet as interns and are in their late teens or early 20s.  

One thing the show did okay was the number of villains and the quality of them. 

To start, in “My Adventures with Superman” there are not too many villains and while most of them are solid villains, there is simply not enough. There are three major villains in the show which I will not mention the names of for spoiler reasons. One of the villains from the show is known in the comics and other media for being one of the strongest characters in the DC. When Lois and the others meet that person, he is not as strong as he is made out to be. Now, he was not weak by any sort of means, but compared to a lot of the comics, which at least for a comic reader could be something worth keeping in mind. Overall, they did not change the character’s personality and you can tell it is still clearly that individual. 

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One major fault of the show is the lack of common sense most of the major characters have, especially Lois Lane. A clear example from the show is when she notices Clark goes missing out of nowhere and suddenly Superman appears and she just thinks it’s just pure coincidence. When you compare Clark and Superman physically the only difference is Clark wears glasses. It is a little interesting to think she could not figure it out. Another example of a character not having common sense is Superman himself. In one of the first parts of the show, they show Clark breaking a large amount of stuff with his powers and trying to convince Jimmy that he is a normal person. (Biggest spoilers of article) Jimmy learns that Clark is Superman because of all the trivial things that add up to make him look suspicious. Even though Jimmy knew, he didn’t mention anything to Clark because he felt like he should wait for the right time. Another example is when he agrees with Lois to keep something especially important away from Clark and it has major consequences. 

Furthermore, “My Adventures with Superman” does well in making the characters relatable. Unlike in most other shows involving Superman, he is made out to be in his early 20s which makes Superman a lot more relatable for college-age people than him normally being in his 30s or 40s, even if he does not age much. He is also not a flawless person. He makes mistakes and has feelings unlike most other Supermen, which is a pleasant change of pace. They also make Lois and Jimmy have a more separate personality from Clark and they can stand on their own better than any other time. There are a few times where Lois leads in the show and it almost feels like she is the main character herself and everyone else is there to support her. She also wants a chance to prove herself, however, struggles to have patience for that chance which helps relate to younger people wanting a shot and not getting it. Overall, I would recommend the show if you don’t care about changes from the comics. 

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