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Angela Lugo

Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Marcus Bowring, a man in Victoria, Australia, was able to take a picture for his driver’s license with a colander on his head. Why might he want this done? The short answer: religious reasons. Bowring is a part of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a church that has gained notoriety in recent years for it’s strange beliefs. That, and for being a satire on more recognized religions. The church itself rejects that sentiment, stating on their website that, “anything that comes across as humor or satire is purely coincidental.” A few years ago, another man requested to...

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Why the cast of ‘Hamilton’ had every right to call out Mike Pence

Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” in recent weeks and what occurred dominated headlines for days afterwards. The cast of the show decided to send a message to Pence when the curtain closed. Brandon Victor Dixon delivered this message and expressed the concerns that the cast — and most of America —  has for the team about to take over the White House. Of course, this sparked massive controversy, with half of the world singing the praises of the cast and the other half appalled at their disrespectful actions. Then, Donald Trump turned to Twitter...

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Bruno Mars brings back the ’80s with ’24K Magic’

On Nov. 18, after years of anticipation, Bruno Mars released his sixth album, “24K Magic.”
The album takes a dramatic turn from the upbeat, lighter tunes of the previous albums. Instead, Bruno pulls his inspiration from one place: the 80s. Every song is an homage to all the best parts of 80s Hip Hop and R&B.“24K Magic,” the first single and the album’s namesake, is playful and an all-around good time.
It’s the perfect song to play while your squad gets ready to go out for the night. “We too fresh/ Got to blame it on Jesus/ Hashtag Blessed/ They ain’t...

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New series ‘The Crown’ reigns drama over all of Netflix

Netflix has recently released the first season of its new period drama, “The Crown.” Season one follows Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England, in the early days of her reign. Every frame is regal and downright beautiful. From the palace to the costumes, the show exudes grace and refined taste. The actors each bring to life believable and deeply compelling characters based on real life people — which is no easy task. Claire Foy plays the young Queen Elizabeth II. She carries herself with the grace of a real monarch and is so sincere in her delivery...

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With Florida’s ‘yes’ on Amendment 2, is recreational next?

After the election last Tuesday, Florida became the 26th state to legalize medical marijuana. With an overwhelming 71 percent landslide (only 60 percent was required to pass the amendment), soon Florida residents will be able to pursue legal medicinal marijuana. People with debilitating illnesses will be allowed to be prescribed marijuana. For people living with epilepsy or going through chemotherapy, THC can be a viable solution to seizures, nausea and pain. At this point, the only downside is the opportunity for people to exploit the new law just to get weed. While some conditions are documented and provable like...

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Pipeline problems

By now, you’ve heard of the North Dakota Access Pipeline and the controversy surrounding it. In case you haven’t, there is a $3.8 billion underground pipeline being built across three states (ND, SD and IL) to transport massive amounts of oil every day. Issues arose when the original path of the pipe was altered, and the reroute placed it near the water source of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Protests started back in April, but coverage fell through the cracks as mainstream media focused on the election. Luckily, the protests were brought back to the forefront of media attention...

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R.I.P. Vine (2013-2016)

On Oct. 27, Twitter announced  that the Vine mobile app will be discontinued. The platform, known for it’s six-second format, is coming to an end, but the content will live on in the web version. Content creators from the platform have voiced their sorrow at this unexpected end. Though, all the signs were there.  Even though some creators are upset about Vine’s demise, most of them have already transferred their content to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram – where they can get paid. This was vine’s biggest mistake; They were unable to come up with a way to...

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‘The Walking Dead’ is back with a vengeance

In case it isn’t obvious: there are spoilers ahead for the season premiere of “The Walking Dead.” This season started off with not one, but two intense character deaths. The end of season six had all of our favorite characters down on their knees at the mercy of Negan, a new addition to the story who could out-crazy any of the show’s past antagonists. The guy uses “Eenie, meenie, miney, mo” to decide who he’s going to kill. So, after seven months and 20 days of waiting, the audience had to wait until halfway through the episode to find...

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Celebrity endorsements

Every time you turn on the television or see an online ad, a celebrity is endorsing all kinds of products. So, it should be no surprise that in this Presidential Election, celebrities are campaigning for their favorite candidate. Are these endorsements influential? Yes, sometimes. Should they be? No. Some argue that there is virtually no effect on voting outcomes, but that doesn’t hold true in all cases. In 2008, Oprah  Winfrey endorsed Barack Obama and a later study published in Journal of Law, Economics & Organization suggested that her endorsement swayed a million voters to vote for him. So,...

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Kill bigotry

To the person that drew this hate propaganda: If it was supposed to be a joke, it wasn’t funny. If it wasn’t… This behavior cannot be tolerated. This is hate. There is no other word for it. On Oct. 12, some “artist” took it upon themselves to write “Kill (N-word),” and a draw a stick figure hanging from a tree. Only recently has this information come to light for most of the students on campus. Now, students have reason to question their safety and what the university is doing to protect them. Unfortunately, hate crimes and bigotry like this...

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