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Why the cast of ‘Hamilton’ had every right to call out Mike Pence

Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” in recent weeks and what occurred dominated headlines for days afterwards.

The cast of the show decided to send a message to Pence when the curtain closed.

Brandon Victor Dixon delivered this message and expressed the concerns that the cast — and most of America —  has for the team about to take over the White House.

Of course, this sparked massive controversy, with half of the world singing the praises of the cast and the other half appalled at their disrespectful actions.

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Then, Donald Trump turned to Twitter to sound off. He demanded an apology from the cast to Pence.

So, was the cast in the wrong?

Well, Dixon claimed there was nothing to apologize for and Pence himself said that he wasn’t offended by their message.

In fact, Pence said that this is “what freedom sounds like” and he’s absolutely correct.

The cast knew Pence was in the audience and they used their platform to express their concerns, as anyone fearing oppression would. The way they addressed the Vice President-elect was very respectful, even if the audience wasn’t.

There was no name calling, no intimidation, and no insults thrown. All they did was express their need to be heard and their concern for their future and their rights.

Freedom of Speech is one of the rights guaranteed to American citizens by the Constitution. Though, a lot of the time, people seem to forget that when they don’t agree with what is being said.

If you are someone that clings to your guns and cries about people attacking your constitutional rights and then says that the “Hamilton” cast is out of line, you should probably take a serious look in the mirror.

However, disregarding the validity of the First Amendment when it’s used to express views contrary to one’s own is a transgression committed on the Left and the Right.

The people of this country have the right to express their views, especially to the people that have power in this country, whether their views align with your personal creed or not.

And kudos to the cast for using their platform to amplify the voices of those that feel they haven’t been heard in this election.

In the coming years, it’s going to be very important to use the rights granted by the First Amendment to campaign for the change that we as Americans want to see; whether that is progressive or conservative change.

Even though the election is over and the popularity of politics is bound to decline in the coming months, decisions are made everyday in this country that affect our futures.

Politics aren’t just relevant in election years, but every single day of every single year.

So, take a tip from the cast of “Hamilton” and make your voice heard.

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