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Julia Browning

Yoga instructor brings ‘Goddess Yoga’ to Koreshan State Park

A deep “om” vibrates off the walls of the historic building as you’re guided through the breathing exercise. With eyes gently closed, palms resting upward and deep breaths entering and departing from your chest like an ocean tide, you can’t help but begin to relax. Goddess Yoga, held at Koreshan State Historic Site from 8:30 to 9:15 every Thursday, is an intermediate yoga practice that incorporates the mythology and teachings of four Hindu goddesses. The class is taught by business-woman-turned-yogi Geva Salerno. Ordinarily, the class is held on one of Koreshan’s many sprawling fields. However, with the sky being...

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Slurpee’s Bring Your Own Cup Day (Again!)

Slurpee announces its BYOC Day again for August 19 and 20. They’re encouragingpeople to bring their own cup into participating 7-Elevens to get a discounted rate for your slurpee of $1.50. 7-Eleven is using the slogan “What will you bring?” to encourage people to bring their funniest cups. The only rules are that the cup must be food safe, less than ten inches tall and drip proof. There’s only one cup allowed per person. Bring a fish bowl, a pineapple, or even a bucket and shovel and you’re good to...

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FGCU’s Sylvie Michel represents Fort Myers in preliminary contest

When people think of beauty pageants, mixed images come to mind. Over the years people have adopted a negative stigma towards pageants that they are superficial, trivial or down right problematic. Sylvie Michel, FGCU’s Miss Florida USA pageant contestant, is representing a different, truer image. An image of philanthropy, education, and genuine inner beauty. Her journey took her to earning the title of Miss Gulf Coast USA, but it didn’t begin there. Winning Miss Gulf Coast USA is no small feat. In order for a woman to even compete at the Miss Florida USA competition, she must first win...

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American Horror Story teases upcoming season

In traditional American Horror Story fashion, the scare-expert team over at FX put out a series of 15-second promotional clips to tease the upcoming sixth season. As any true fan of the AHS franchise would expect, the shorts were varying ranges of disturbing, from eerie to grotesque. They were also particularly vague, leaving little clues to what the season will actually be about. The shorts include clips of a dark family with glowing eyes creeping through a field, a man’s head getting stapled, a millipede crawling across a woman’s head, a demonic baby and much more to give viewers...

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“Gilmore Girls” revival gets release date

“Gilmore Girls” fans everywhere just about had a simultaneous heart attack when news was announced that the franchise was going to be putting out a sequel set. Well, on July 27, Netflix finally announced on their Facebook page, with a less than two-minute video, that the show is set to premiere Nov. 25. “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” will be composed of four 90 minute mini-movies: rumored to represent the four parts of one year simply titled “Spring” “Summer” “Fall” and “Winter.” In the announcement video, the viewer can get a glimpse of the town we all...

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First ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer released at Comic Con

Wonder Woman is finally receiving her very own big screen production after decades of fans in waiting. Her surprise appearance in DC’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” a movie that didn’t do so hot critically, was said by many superhero fans to be the best part of the movie and got people even more ready to see Wonder Woman play a leading role. The movie is set to finally hit theaters on June 2, 2017 after many years of being postponed due to the negative stigma that superheroines don’t sell movie tickets like their male counterparts. However, the...

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Back to college essentials

Beginning the fall semester with a clean slate takes a considerable amount of planning and preparation. Unfortunately we’re no longer in elementary school where buying school supplies was as simple following the supply list you got at orientation and finding the cutest new pencil case. With this newfound responsibility, it’s important to find out what your personal tools for succeeding are. It’s time to decide where you stand on what might be the most important debate of your college career: notebooks v. binders, pens v. pencils and notecards v. sticky notes. Rather than praying your college guardian angel is...

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FGCU alumnus band hits the road to support sophomore album

An FGCU alumnus’ band, The Helmsmen, is bringing its island indie vibes throughout Florida with a tour that started on June 22 in the band members’ hometown of Jupiter and will continue through the end of August, going from Jacksonville down to Miami and hitting the other coast as well at places like St. Petersburg and Tampa. The Summer Camp Tour will be broadcasting The Helmsmen’s second album “Midterm,” which recently dropped on June 18. Jesse Glendinning, the FGCU alumnus and The Helmsmen’s ukulele player and vocalist, said a lot of the band’s musical productions have been inspired by...

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FGCU student Luke Janke releases self-made EP ‘Love Birds’

Luke Janke, an FGCU student and talented musician, recently produced his self- made EP entitled “Love Birds” through his music project Bull Moose Party on June 1. Listening to the album feels like being in the honeymoon phase of a new relationship. The simple stripped down melodies are both fun and sweet, combatted with lyrics that will definitely get the listener thinking of their special someone. The indie folk pop release is available for a free MP3 download on along with another short EP by Janke titled “I…” and a track entitled “Be As It May.” Janke is...

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Highway to vacation: everything you need for a successful road trip

A road trip can be the perfect summer vacation for a college student. You can experience a variety of destinations in a relatively short amount of time, travel without the stress of booking flights and dealing with baggage claims and invite along a big group of friends to enjoy the trip with. However, like any travel experience, there’s a whole variety of things that are likely to go wrong. So, here’s a list of what you need to have the best summer road trip: Transportation: You can’t have a road trip without a means of travel, so step one...

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