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Former Vice President Joe Biden is far from retiring

Long before Joe Biden became the most popular meme in the country, he was one of the most prominent politicians of his time. After nearly five decades dedicating himself to public service, Joe Biden is far from slowing down.

Biden, who spent 36 years as a senator for Delaware before serving two terms as vice president, and his wife Jill launched the Biden Foundation to continue their public efforts.

The primary efforts of the foundation will be in ending violence against women and working to further cancer research. Other areas of focus will include protecting children, working toward equality and improving community colleges.

Biden, with a law degree and decades of public experience, is in good company. Jill Biden, who earned two master’s degrees and a doctorate degree in education before teaching as a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, co-founded the initiative.

I can think of no two people more qualified to pursue the path the Bidens have set out on. In a video, Biden stated that “as long as he has a breath,” he will continue working on issues that matter to him.

“We are at an inflection point in the fight against cancer that didn’t exist four or five years ago,” Biden said. “We can change people’s lives.”

The Bidens seem to be working with issues close to their own hearts, as their son Beau Biden lost his battle to brain cancer in 2015. Jill Biden is president of the Biden Breast Health Initiative, which focuses on providing free educational breast health awareness programs to schools.

Joe Biden stated that the effort to end violence against women will focus on college campuses. Luckily, his partner-in-justice has not only been involved with non-profits but has also been teaching at various levels since 1975.

The author of the Violence Against Woman Act of 1994, Joe Biden, has been striving toward this goal for a good part of his career.

With equality as a focal point of the charity, the Bidens believe that every American deserves an equal chance to pursue their own happiness.

“We look forward to this new chapter where we will continue our work to ensure that everyone — no matter their income level, race, gender, age or sexuality — is treated with dignity and gets a fair shot at achieving the American Dream,” the power couple said in a statement.

Joe and Jill Biden are the heroes America needs. Even while the country faces trying times, the Bidens refuse to lose hope in truly making America great.

The Biden Foundation is fully funded by tax-free donations through its website.

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