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Despite setbacks in the Deep South, the Sanders campaign is still ‘berning’

At the beginning of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, it truly looked like he didn’t stand a chance against frontrunner Hilary Clinton.
His recent successes in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington have many people reconsidering their initial predictions of Sanders failing and ultimately ending his bid for the Democratic nomination.
During a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, Sanders declared that his successes have opened a viable door to the nomination.
“We knew from day one that, politically, we were going to have a hard time in the Deep South,” Sanders said. “But, we knew things were going to improve when we headed west.”
Although Clinton has a higher number of pledged delegates, if Sanders is able to hold on to the momentum of his massive wins in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington, he has a reasonable chance of becoming the nominee.
Sanders has exceeded the expectations of many Americans because he has continually criticized Clinton for her weaknesses as a candidate, and he has done an excellent job of securing the votes of numerous young people. He is counting on the turnout of young people in order to win.
“I know that our Republican friends and elected officials tremble at the idea of large numbers of Americans participating in the political process,” Sanders said. “I’ve got bad news for them. That is exactly what is going to happen in this country.”
The Sanders campaign has also effectively used social media and other advertising channels to endorse Sanders. This is a clever move, particularly after a small bird landed on Sanders’ lectern during the middle of his speech in Portland, Oregon.
Soon after the bird made an appearance at his campaign rally, the bird was named Birdie Sanders and a video of the bird landing on his lectern went viral.
Sanders had acknowledged the presence of the bird during his speech, and, when it landed directly in front of him, he made a powerful declaration about the hidden meaning of the bird’s visit.
“I think there may be some symbolism here,” Sanders said. “I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace,” Sanders said. “No more wars.”
The campaign maintained the momentum of the excitement during the rally by tweeting pictures of the bird.
The Sanders campaign has depended on social media for a great deal of its campaigning, and Bernie Sanders has undoubtedly beat Hilary Clinton when it comes to the utilization of social media.
Although Clinton has a bigger lead in pledged delegates, Sanders still has a legitimate chance of securing the Democratic nomination.
He has promised the American people that he will support the middle class and the poor. He has also stressed his support of having free college for everyone after high school. Today, a college degree has become the new equivalent of a high school diploma because if you want a job, you need a degree.
Providing free college will ensure the success of our children and their children; they need to have the proper education required for available jobs.
Ultimately, Sanders has done an excellent job articulating his viewpoints with passion, and his campaign’s use of social media is helping him grow in popularity. Sanders hasn’t given up yet, and if his campaign continues to gain momentum, he may become the nominee.

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