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Punch through required courses with passion from other studies


For every student in college, there comes a class that makes a visit to the dentist to have a cavity filled seem pleasurable. Often times that class is a course required for graduation, which makes the situation more difficult.
Another bonus to this situation: What if the class is one that students have to take as a part of their major? That is the case for senior Noelle Beauchamp, who is majoring in community health for occupational therapy.
Beauchamp said as part of her major, students have to know their chemistry, biology and microbiology. Chemistry is the toughest classes she is required to take.
“It’s something I have to put my time and get extra help in to achieve my goal,” Beauchamp said.
But a positive sign she will succeed in this class is through SI sessions, diligent note taking in class and even friends helping her along the way. It’s a sign Beauchamp wants to succeed and will achieve her dream of working with children who have disabilities.
Junior Chris Neptune, who is dual majoring in finance and management with an entrepreneur focus, said that in his major, the toughest class to take is business law, which he is taking now. But he says the big advantage is his professor, Raymond Placid.
“I am still adjusting to his teaching practices, but I know every time I walk into class I get my money’s worth,” Neptune said.
The best advice Neptune gives for students struggling in classes that are needed for graduation is to talk with their peers and understand what they are getting into with the class.
Another junior, Tyler Brown, who is a dual major in finance and economics, said that Colloquium is his toughest class because it is out of his element.
“I’m such a number guys and an analytical guy. To be in this situation that I am in now, learning about everything else – it’s very hard for me to transition to that,” Brown said.
He said he is confident that the groups he has formed for the purpose of the class will support each other to get a good grade.
These students ran into a class that is a challenge, but they figured how to fix the situation and didn’t run away when the situation became difficult. Choosing a career, even if you love it, must be treated like work to gain success.
For those students who are struggling in college, perhaps they need to figure out what their passion is or if they even have one. Once students figure out how they want to make their mark on society, even the toughest class will go by faster than they imagined.

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