Eagles for Hillary: Why FGCU should vote blue

On November 8, we the voters will face a crucial decision: do we elect a qualified leader who is respected around the world, or do we elect a man with no political experience who is $650 million in debt?
In what is arguably the most crucial election of our lifetime, the stakes could not be higher. The Supreme Court is minus one. Senate Republicans are insistent they will not budge on President Obama’s nominee, so it will be up to the next president to decide the course of its future. Ask yourself one question: who do you want deciding the course of our nation’s future? The choice is clear – it must be Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump is an anomaly. He was a Republican turned Democrat. Then he was a Democrat turned Reformist. Then he was an Independent. Now he’s a Republican. He’s the father of the “birther” movement – an unquestionably racist and bigoted charge at the nation’s first African American president. He’s been sued over 3,500 times; he’s declared bankruptcy four times; and has a failing track record: Trump vodka, airlines, steaks, magazine and most recently, the Trump Taj Mahal, which he called the “eighth wonder of the world.” Republicans are denouncing him. From Reagan officials to Bush appointees, the GOP has led an all-out revolt against their party’s nominee. Never before in the history of the Republican Party has this happened. That says a lot.
Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has nothing but a track record of success. While the media, Republican elites, and left-wing naysayers want to diminish her many accomplishments by invoking the decades-long witch hunts against she and her husband, the facts speak for themselves. Republican ideologues have spent $500 million on frivolous lawsuits, congressional hearings and special investigators in an orchestrated effort to bring her down. From Rose Law Firm, to Whitewater, to Benghazi and her emails, nothing has stopped Hillary Clinton from reminding them who’s boss. Whatever Republicans throw at her, she throws right back and comes out on top and swinging. No one can question her stamina, especially Donald Trump, a man who is baited with a tweet and crumbles at the sight of Megyn Kelly.
From her early days in Arkansas, Alaska and South Carolina, exposing the racial segregation in public schools and unsanitary practices of our fishing industries, Clinton has not stopped trying to make our union a little more perfect. As First Lady, she had the audacity to do what no other First Lady had: she took on the healthcare industry. Pushing for a public option in what was dubbed “Clintoncare,” Hillary Clinton took on not just the Republican establishment, but also vulnerable Democrats. When it comes to doing what’s right, she doesn’t mince loyalty.
Hillary Clinton rewrote the rules of being a First Lady. She was outspoken, she crafted and pushed for policies not always supported by her own party and she never stopped her tireless support for women’s rights all across the world. Nineteen times , Clinton has been revered as the most admired woman in the world by Gallup’s annual survey. Evangelicals in the United States despise her. Evangelicals across the ocean? They call her “sister Hillary.” Why? Because she’s had their backs, as a First Lady and as Secretary of State.
Donald Trump says we are no longer respected around the world. Considering his worldwide support lingers at around nine percent, in contrast to Clinton – the truth speaks for itself.
Hillary Clinton recently told her supporters, “I want to be the president of everybody: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all Americans. I love this country.”
As Bill Clinton said, there is nothing wrong with this country that can’t be fixed with what is good in this country. That’s the difference between the current Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee.
We have the chance to make America greater. There is only one presidential candidate who will deliver on the promise to uphold what makes America so special. On November 8, 2016, vote for the candidate who will be your representative not just at home, but also abroad: Hillary Rodham Clinton.