Trike-A-Thon Races Through SWFL


EN Photo/ Sebastian Gonzalez

A Mom’s Helping Hand, the non-profit organization, has been working for over a year, assisting single moms in the Southwest Florida area.

EN Photo/ Sebastian Gonzalez

When Kristen Schaufler, a single mom of two, founded the group, there was only one task on her mind: help the single mothers of the area provide a better life for their kids.
“We have support group meetings twice a month. We help them with toiletry items, birthday parties for their children, school supplies, Christmas gifts,” said Schaufler, “everything that can help stretch their budget.”
The Trike-a-Thon brought together over 30 children who were racing their bicycles and tricycles to help their moms as well as moms of other children who are in need of financial assistance.
The $5 registration fee was an effort to keep the doors of the nonprofit’s office open. It doesn’t receive any grants or help from the government, and the funding comes – mostly – from donations.
Vendors and other organizations, like the Nutty Scientists of Southwest Florida – an organization that brings fun and science together to educate the youth with basic science shows – provided entertainment, food and education to attendees.
Most members of A Mom’s Helping Hand collaborated by bringing together tables, tents, cleaning and decoration of the bikes and tricycles, and the race itself.
The group’s new offices, located in North Fort Myers, give them the opportunity to organize events in their own parking lot. Before, the group would organize events in libraries and parks.
They help 20 moms and 33 children on a monthly basis.
A Mom’s Helping Hand is a nonprofit that still has a long way to go, but it is progressing and bringing the best help it can to local families in need.