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Psychology of music


Whether you’re in search of an
inspiration or an escape, your ticket
to that alternate reality is but a pair of
headphones away. The power of song
has been said to create a world in which
existing emotions can be eradicated or
amplified simply by the push of a button.
The message and emotion translated
through each song solely relies on the
person at the receiving end. For some,
a simple song can mean the difference
between being able to forget a broken
heart or the constant fighting they see
and hear at home, even if only for a few
minutes at a time.
One student expressed his belief in the
power of music by voicing how he has been
able to overcome difficult circumstances
with the help of several specific songs.
When things began to seem unbearable,
he was able to turn to his favorite artist
or genre for a way of escaping his current
stresses. He followed by saying that the
opposite worked as well in that the power
of music had the ability to heighten any
positive emotions he may have already
been feeling, “I play it to make me happy,”
he said.
This experience is extremely common
and does not receive the recognition that
is so absolutely deserves. Many people
have proclaimed that a band or song has
helped, and sometimes saved, their lives.
With such an amazing influence and reach,
music has the ability to be utilized for
countless positives around the world. In
its most raw form, music was intended to
translate a message or feeling to its
Many flock to music festivals around
the world to experience this feeling on
a grander platform. These individuals
gather together with thousands of others
who seek a similar sensation through the
power that a rhythm will bring them. “For
that time that I’m there,” said one music
festival attendee, “the only thing that
matters is the music coming out of those
speakers and the smile that it puts on my
Whether this takes place through your
car stereo or your iPod headphones, great
memories, hope, an escape and sometimes
fury can all be discovered, if you only
remember to press play.

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