North Lake visited by unwanted guests


Tanner Jenni, Contributing Writer

Some FGCU student residents are concerned for their safety after a man, dressed as a Comcast employee, knocked on their doors on January 31.

That afternoon at approximately 2:30 p.m. a man dressed in a bright orange Comcast long-sleeve shirt began knocking on the doors of students asking if they were having any Wi-fi connection issues, according to an incident report. He claimed he had been working downstairs and accidentally clipped a wire.

One apartment experienced two separate visits from the man. Caroline Palo and her roommate reported feeling uncomfortable as he had given them both an “up and down look” when they spoke with him. Caroline Palo and her roommate contacted the University Police Department and reported the event after the man had come to their room twice that same day.

“I wish North Lake had security cameras for these types of situations and [security cameras] definitely would make everyone feel safer, especially women living here,” Palo said.

UPD checked with Housing and confirmed that there was no Comcast work scheduled for any North Lake buildings that day. “It wasn’t legit,” Captain Anthony Rispoli of UPD said.

“It definitely made me worried and I don’t walk to campus anymore,” Palo said. “I only take the bus. I have pepper spray, and I hold it now every time just because I am worried about someone being around here like that.”

Captain Rispoli wants students to be watchful. “If something is out of the ordinary, call and report it,” he said.

He says students should ask people to identify themselves even if they are dressed in FGCU clothing. Receiving visits from maintenance workers is not an uncommon occurrence for FGCU students. If you or your roommates request maintenance work, let your roommates know beforehand. “Your safety starts with you,” Captian Rispoli said.

The subject was seen entering a black pickup truck of an unknown make and model with a black cap over the bed of the truck. UPD dispatch contacted North Lake Village Housing, and they reported there was no Comcast work scheduled for any North Lake Village buildings that day. Residents were told to contact UPD or dial 911 if they saw the subject in the area again.

The man has not yet been identified. He has been reported as a white male in his mid-to-late 20s, between 5’6” and 5’8”, and around 160 lbs, according to the incident report. He had a red beard and was wearing an orange long-sleeve shirt with Comcast written across it. He was also wearing a green knit cap or a beanie.