UPD Beat: 67 Students Hide in Conference Room from Student in Merwin

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

On Sept. 4, a female student called the University Police Department (UPD) to file a report on a male student for pulling a gun on her at Viva Le Mirage Night Club. According to the report, the male student was an ex-boyfriend of the female student, and she reported he was intoxicated when the two got into a verbal altercation before he reached into his car and grabbed the gun. The male student’s friend took the gun away, and the male student shoved the female student before leaving with a girlfriend and coming back to campus. The female student was advised to contact the Fort Myers Police Department or the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. 

A UPD officer made a report Sept. 4 about a vehicle on the lower level of the parking garage revving its engine and screeching its tires. According to the report, a green Dodge truck was observed along with a white Mazda and gray Honda shortly behind. All occupants told the UPD officer they were non-students that came to the garage to take photos of vehicles. All occupants denied intentionally screeching their tires. The UPD officer told the occupants the garage was closed and they left the property. 

An officer was requested Sept. 6 to assist someone stuck in the Everglades Hall elevator on the fourth floor. According to the report, the elevator technician working on the elevator said they were not aware of anyone having issues. The event was closed but was later reopened following another report. UPD discovered the elevator technician stuck in the same elevator. UPD was successfully able to escort the technician out of the elevator and the elevator was temporarily shut down. 

A professor called UPD on Sept. 8 about a text message a female student sent indicating she may be a harm to others. UPD attempted to call the female student but she did not answer. The female student was with the professor when she later called UPD and told them what the text message said. The UPD officer spoke with the female student and determined she was not a harm to herself or others at that time. The professor later called UPD back about a text message the female student sent to 67 other students. Some of the students locked themselves in a conference room in Merwin Hall because of the situation. UPD officers went to West Lake Village to speak with the female student again and escorted her to Counseling and Psychological Services to be evaluated. The female student was later Baker Acted because of the situation.

On Sept. 8, a female student reported to UPD she was scammed out of $250 after applying for a job she found on the FGCU Symplicity website. UPD reported the incident to the university, who said they’d look into it. Since the female student lived off campus at Coastal Village, UPD referred her to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to make a report.