All Dressed Up


Alyssa Oquendo, Staff Writer

Spooky season is just around the corner and a party isn’t complete without an awesome Halloween costume! If you are still searching for the perfect outfit for your next event, Eagle News has some ideas that are sure to impress!

Classics with a Twist 

With plenty of vampires, witches, or zombie costumes flying around, how do you stand out from the crowd? Try taking classic costumes and adding a twist! Combine clown makeup and a princess dress to become big top royalty. Take a mermaid costume with zombie makeup and you’re now an undead sea creature. Junior Madison Sardine wore this amazing cat witch ensemble last Halloween and won 3rd place in Programming Board’s Eagleboolooza costume contest!

Dazzling Disneybounding 

Disney fanatics know this term by heart, but for those unaware, to “Disneybound” is to use everyday wear to look like your favorite character without breaking the park’s rule of no costumes. Grab a yellow shirt, blue skirt, and a red bow for a simple Snow White. A green dress paired with some yellow wings makes a quick Tinkerbell outfit. Match yellow pants and a red shirt for a Winnie the Pooh costume, don’t forget your Hunny pot!

Closet Cosplays

If you’re like me, then Halloween is the one opportunity to wear cosplay outside of a convention. For those who want to get into character, but don’t want to shell out hundreds for an outfit, here are some easy cosplays with items you already have in your closet! A pink shirt and long purple pants create an adorable Boo from Monsters Inc. Have a white lab coat? Wear a black shirt and green pants to become Dr. Doofenshmirtz or swap the green pants with black ones and a pair of black gloves to become Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. Grab a red blazer, white polo, and a black skirt to become a student from the Netflix anime Kakegurui, like junior Hannah Reed, dressed as the main character, Yumeko Jabami.

Groups Galore

A Halloween party isn’t the same without your friends and we have some of our favorite ideas here! Grab a pink, blue, and green shirt and pair it with a black belt and long white socks for an easy Powerpuff Girls costume. Good for small or large groups, each person just needs a plain colored shirt, paint a white M in the middle, and pair it with black pants and white shoes to become the M&M gang. Need something for a large group or team? Grab up to 10 white poster boards and 1 blackboard and become a set of Cards Against Humanities cards.

Very Punny

Halloween is the perfect time to break out your funny bone with an easy and fun costume. Grab a set of angel wings and a cow-printed shirt and “holy cow” you have a cute costume. A hula skirt and lei paired with boxing gloves create “Hawaiian Punch.” Buy a pack of name tags and write various names on them, stick them to a plain-colored t-shirt and now you’re officially an identity thief!

Very Last Minute

Did you wait until the day of a Halloween party? No worries, we have more creative ideas that will take you minutes to make! Get crafty and make an origami green diamond (or Plumbob as it’s called in the game) and attach it to a headband, wear it with any outfit in your closet and you’re a character straight from The Sims. Wear a suit and tie or gown and wear a sign that says “formal apology” for another easy pun. Take a white bed sheet and cover the sheet in black holes to create an easy Charlie Brown inspired ghost costume.