SG Senate passed Cannabis Statement of Support


Abigail Muth

Secretary Todd introducing the amendments of the bill at the Nov. 1 meeting.

Abigail Muth, Staff Writer

At the Nov. 1 Student Body Senate meeting, the resolution pertaining to the support of student use of medical cannabis off campus was passed. 

The use of cannabis on-campus is prohibited, even with the possession of a medical marijuana card. This statement shows support and understanding, from the Student Body Senate, concerning the use of medical cannabis off of FGCU grounds. It does not change any legislation. 

The biggest topic of debate pertaining to the passing of this document was how and where this statement will be shared with students and staff. 

As this is a controversial bill, Student Body President, Grace Brannigan, stated it would be nearly impossible to get it sent in a mass email to all FGCU students, faculty and staff. 

Although they still do not have an official way to distribute the resolution, individual Senators and Chairs have access to the document and can send it to students, staff and administration at their discretion.

Updated Finalized Medical Cannabis Resolution. Courtesy of Ryan Todd