UPD Beat: Water Leaks into Electrical Box on Campus

Jenna Hackeman, Staff Writer

USSI requested access to a room in Seidler Hall Nov. 12 due to a faucet in the room leaking water onto the electrical box, according to the report. The situation was turned over to the Physical Plant.  

On Nov. 14, UPD received two separate complaints over three males between buildings who were said to be skateboarding and jumping onto the planters. According to the report, multiple students were almost hit by the skateboarders. An officer met with the three males and advised them not to do tricks and to stay out from under the covered walkways.

A complaint was made with UPD on Nov. 15 stating an older individual was in the FGCU lawn area approaching students and making them uncomfortable. According to the report, the older individual appeared to be handing out fake money and approaching 6th graders on campus. Two officers made contact with the older individual and he was advised to relocate to an appropriate area by Campus Recreations.

A female USSI employee made a report Nov. 18 about a female individual continuously approaching and yelling at her outside the CAPS building. The USSI employee did not know what the subject was yelling because she does not speak English and uses her daughter to translate for her. An officer was able to locate the female individual but was not able to make contact with her, according to the report.  

On Nov. 19, an RA at Palmetto Hall stated there was a belligerent student in the hallway who was acting strange and not listening to instructions. According to the report, an officer arrived on scene and held the student by taser, but it had not been deployed. The officer and student went to the South Entrance for escort, but the student refused to be transported.