Ecofetti Combats Campus-wide Littering as Graduation Nears


Jessica Piland

FGCU supplies eco-friendly confetti to students who want to be environmentally friendly when taking graduation pictures.

Abigail Muth, Staff Writer

As graduation season approaches and photoshoots commence, FGCU students are reminded that one sustainable option is available to celebrate one’s achievements. 

In 2020, under the Goldman Administration, Student Government purchased Ecofetti for students to use as a sustainable option when taking graduation photos. Before this initiative, campus would be filled with plastic confetti as students took celebratory photos. 

“Student Government pursued Ecofetti to solve the frequent issue of students using plastic confetti for graduation photos, which would end up scattered across campus,” Student Body President Grace Brannigan said. 

Graduation is an opportunity for students to celebrate their hard work and dedication during their time at FGCU, but many times sustainability and alternative options for the campus are not taken into consideration. 

“The confetti is made in the USA and is made from blown cornstarch and non-toxic dyes. It dissolves in water,” Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Kathleen Crawford said.

While the confetti makes it easier for campus staff to dispose of, it also acts as a cleaner alternative, helping students feel better about celebrating. 

“We felt that Ecofetti would provide students with the opportunity to still use confetti for their photos without littering at FGCU,” Brannigan said. “The Ecofetti dissolves, making it so students can toss it to their heart’s content without worrying about leaving plastic around campus or damaging our local ecosystem.” 

Last month, the Environmental Coalition of FGCU held an event where they filled over 300 packets of Ecofetti which are now ready to hand out to students for graduation photos this semester. 

ECOFGCU will have packets available for pick up on Nov. 30 at 6 p.m. in Merwin 124. The packets are also readily available during work hours in the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

“We are also planning to table on campus the week of Nov. 30 to educate and provide Ecofetti to our graduating students,” ECOFGCU president, Kayla Hughes said. 

ECOFGCU encourages students to join their campus clean ups to help pick up the litter already on campus.

FGCU made a bulk purchase of Ecofetti in 2020 and it now sits in storage until needed. The confetti is free to students. When it is not being passed out on campus during graduation season, it can be requested by emailing [email protected]. It is also available in the campus bookstore during graduation season if supplies are available.

The sustainability office at FGCU wants to make sure that changes made for the improvement of campus are accepted and used by students. 

With over 400 acres of protected land set aside for environmental preservation, FGCU is dedicated to making sure students help keep its nature safe. By implementing changes for something as seemingly small as graduation photos, they are ensuring that students take part in this change as well. 

If Ecofetti is not an option or a student wants a more unique confetti-throwing experience, dried leaves and flower petals can make a great sustainable alternative, while also being able to find the colors you are looking for.