Dining Services Acquire Additional Self-Serve Options


Addyson McCullough

Brahma Express and 239 Burger Bar in the Cohen Student Union have order ahead kiosks to eliminate the time that students have to wait for their food, Feb. 2, 2023.

Addyson McCullough, Staff Writer

Self-serving machines and kiosk ordering services are becoming the norm for campus dining. Jamba by Blendid and Yo-Kai Express are fully robotic dining services located in Cohen Student Union and will be functional within the upcoming weeks.

Jamba by Blendid is an autonomous food service kiosk. This means the only human assistance it needs will be restocking. With 17 ingredient options, the ability to make nine orders simultaneously and a total of 45 orders within an hour, and totally customizable blends, this smoothie machine is created with the on-the-go lifestyle in mind. The kiosk also features automated cleaning between orders and contactless serving through two service windows.

Yo-Kai Express is also an autonomous food service, featuring 30 menu options highlighting ramen, pho, udon, and rice bowls, along with desserts. The technology can cook a bowl in 45 seconds and has the ability to be open 24 hours a day.

Jamba by Blendid has online order capabilities through a mobile app. Customers are able to place orders, track progress, and schedule future orders. Yo-Kai Express features an ordering kiosk on the machine. Both machines accept Eagle and Flex dollars as well.

FGCU is hosting Jamba by Blendid through a pilot initiative. There are roughly eight machines nationwide; this is the first in Florida. Yo-Kai Express has locations in other Florida universities like University of South Florida, University of Miami, and Nova Southeastern University.

The university is always trying to improve their dining services. As of now, there are three order ahead kiosks located in Cohen Student Union and Howard Hall. These kiosks serve Brahma Express, 239 Burger Bar, and BYOB. 

Dining services will evaluate more order ahead kiosks as they assess what will increase student and guest experience. They recommend following their Instagram page, @fgcudiningservices, for updates on new machines or upgrades to their present services.