2023 Student Body Presidential, Vice Presidential and Treasurer Candidates Announced

Abigail Muth, Staff Writer

Student Government presidential, vice presidential, treasurer and senatorial candidates for 2023 began campaigning this afternoon. 

Presidential and vice presidential candidates run together on a ticket. Students can only vote for them as a team. Treasurer and senatorial candidates run individually. Students can only vote for senators in their own college. 

Ticket A is Presidential Candidate Nicholas Gatian and Vice Presidential Candidate Shiloh Markus. 

Gatian is a junior undergraduate student with a major in public health.

“I want to make lasting change at FGCU. I have a passion to help others. I plan to keep promises I make,” Gatian said in the biography submitted when applying for candidacy.

Markus is a freshman undergraduate student with a business undecided major. 

“I am running for Student Body Vice President to be a change-maker,” Markus said in the application. “With a goal to increase Student Government awareness and participation, I hope to contribute to raising the voices of students so we can continue to make FGCU a welcoming and well-equipped environment.” 

Ticket B is Presidential Candidate Emory Cavin and Vice Presidential Candidate Miniya McNair.

Cavin is a junior undergraduate student with a major in journalism. 

“Every day at FGCU, we walk by preachers screaming that our identities will condemn us to hell, work demanding jobs in often unfair conditions, and witness the voices of students being pushed to the sidelines,” Calvin said in his application. 

“I am running for office because I refuse to accept these problems as unsolvable,” Cavin continued. “Through giving a voice to student workers by facilitating meaningful connections between them and university leadership, advocating for BIPOC representation in leadership positions, and standing up for students of all backgrounds in meetings with university administration, I believe that we can make FGCU a thriving, inclusive community that we can all be proud to call our home.”

McNair is a sophomore undergraduate student with a major in PGA golf management.

“We all came to FGCU for a quality education and a community. However, between unfair management practices, lack of BIPOC in leadership positions, and disconnection among university departments, students are unable to reach their highest potential,” McNair said in the application. “I am running for office because I believe that we can give a voice to those without one, build a bridge between university departments and students, and create a more inclusive environment where students can truly thrive.”

Treasurer Candidate Barjon Kadi is a junior undergraduate student with a major in accounting. 

“I am currently serving as the Treasurer for Student Government,” Kadi said in the application. “The reason why I am running for reelection is that I want to reinforce my new initiative of the Annual Budget Application info session, as a way to become more approachable to the Student Body. I take my responsibility as a Treasurer very seriously, and I would be honored to continue for another term serving in this position.”

Treasurer Candidate Dylan White is a freshman undergraduate student with a major in political science.

“I am running for treasurer of FGCU, to affectively and competently, make financial decisions based around the events and programs FGCU is currently running,” White said in the application.

Information on the 18 senatorial candidates can be found on Eagle Link.