Cavin and McNair win SG seats, 2023 Student Government Election Results


Abigail Muth

Supervisor of Elections Owen Rhoads announces Cavin and McNair as the winning presidential ticket.

Abigail Muth, Staff Writer

The 2023 Student Government presidential, vice presidential, senatorial and treasurer candidates met at the Boardwalk tonight mere hours after the polls closed to hear the election results. 

Supervisor of Elections Owen Rhoads announced 19 elected senators along with the treasurer. He then announced our new Student Government President-Elect, Emory Cavin, and Vice President-Elect, Miniya McNair. Their terms will begin on April 1. 

The Cavin-McNair ticket ran their platform with three main goals: giving student workers a voice, increasing BIPOC representation and drowning hateful rhetoric. 

“Miniya and I talk about diversity, empathy and giving a voice to the voiceless, and these are lofty terms, but I assure you their motivation is specific. We do not select them out of political convenience, but because the people on this campus drive us,” Cavin said in his closing statement at the candidate town hall.

Student Body Treasurer: 

Barjon Kadi


Senators for College of Arts and Sciences: 

Emma Diehl

Brandon Cominsky

Tanner Kelly

Lauren Major

Neya Mulrooney

Cayla Rubin

Madison Sardine

Dominic Villarino


Senators for College of Education: 



Senators for College of Engineering: 

Amanda Ayala

Hannah Mathis

Rossana Rosado


Senators for College of Health and Human Services: 



Senators for College of Business

Jackson Chumbley

Benji Gans

Mateo Hernandez

Ryan Kaczynski

Alyssa Oquendo

Alyssa Popovits

Allison Powers


Senators representing Graduate Studies: 



Senators representing Undeclared Students: 

Ella Golden


Any vacancies in the senate will be available for appointment. Applications can be found on the Student Government EagleLink.