Aysegul Timur Elected as FGCU’s First Female President


Jessica Piland

FGCU’s fifth presidential-elect, Aysegul Timur, sat down with Eagle News for an interview after she was announced as FGCU’s next president on Thursday May 4, 2023.

Hayley Lemery, Assignment & Features Editor

The Board of Trustees elected Aysegul Timur as FGCU’s fifth president on May 4, 2023. This will make her FGCU’s first female president.

Pamela McCabe, coordinator of University Communications and Media Relations, said that the Florida Board of Governors will confirm Timur’s presidency mid-June. According to the Greenwood Asher and Associates search timeline, Timur will start her presidency on July 1. 

“I can’t believe that I will be writing history,” Timur told Eagle News. “I’m just so honored.”

She was watching the meeting’s livestream from her office with her husband beside her. She said it was like a lifetime moment.

“I kind of realized that I am the president-elect,” Timur said to Eagle News. “I know that at this moment of time, I am up to bigger things and [to] lead this wonderful institution.”

Timur said she is excited for what the future holds.

“This is a really big moment for FGCU, for our students, for everyone. But absolutely, I will be a role model for many of our students, what they can achieve in their lives, because I have a story and I did not come to this point very easily,” Timur said. “There have been a lot of obstacles in my life, to overcome and with those obstacles, and I will be sharing each one of those with my students all the time, that they can achieve obstacles, they can achieve their dreams, they can achieve their visions, and I will be that role model for them.”

Preceding the vote, Trustee Edward Morton motioned to further discuss presidential candidates Henry Mack and Aysegul Timur. The motion was passed and a roll call was conducted to count which candidate the trustees favored. The roll call resulted in a 7-6 vote in favor of Timur.

Moments after Timur entered the room and accepted the offer, McCabe sent an email on behalf of Chair Blake Gable to announce the selection.

She was welcomed by applause as she made her way into the room. She had tears in her eyes as she hugged all the trustees and audience members who were congratulating her.

“This is your kid now,” President Michael Martin said to Timur as they embraced.

Former Student Government President Grace Brannigan was one of the many audience members with big emotions. She cried in Timur’s arms.

“It’s a good day to be an Eagle,” Brannigan said to Timur.

Timur is currently the vice president and vice provost for Strategy and Program Innovation at FGCU. She’s originally from Turkey and has been in Southwest Florida for 25 years.

“I can’t even have enough words to express my feelings,” Timur said to Eagle News. “I am so honored to be the president-elect and to lead this wonderful institution and our students, our faculty, staff and the community. So I am just beyond, like being honored and my gratitude for the entire community. So, so excited for the future and so honored.”