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The Suave Secret Inductive Service: A Celebration for the Collegiate 100 Members

The Suave Secret Inductive Service: A Celebration for the Collegiate 100 Members
Wayne Berkhofer

A new group at FGCU called the Collegiate 100 hosted an induction ceremony to celebrate new members joining and to discuss their overall mission. 

On Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. a celebration for the Collegiate 100 members took place as they welcomed new members and acknowledged what the group plans for the overall success of FGCU and Southwest Florida communities. 

The Collegiate 100 is starting something new for our campus and developing new traditions. They are dedicated to the advancement of Black men on campus through leadership and giving back to the community. 

It is one of the newest campus-based student organizations at FGCU, being founded six months ago. The organization met to recognize and celebrate the gentlemen who have lifted this program off the ground and what they are doing for FGCU and the greater Southwest Florida community. They also welcomed new recruits into the organization. 

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President Aysegul Timur was in attendance at the meeting and was ecstatic to speak on the achievements and accomplishments the Collegiate 100 will have on campus. 

“Understanding that your education is an investment in yourself and who you will become in the future is crucial. Keep challenging yourself every day and never stop being curious. We’re here to celebrate the gentlemen on becoming charter members of the Collegiate 100. The new organization plans to make multiple accomplishments here at FGCU and for our Southwest community,” Timur said. 

Due to varying issues, there was a need to support retention, campus involvement and personal development. The Collegiate 100 will provide mentorships to help excel and an expensive network for life challenges, skills, and guidance. It expects members to graduate on time, participate in mentorships and become mentors for others.

Wayne Berkhofer

President of the Collegiate 100, Daniel Lawrence, was excited to welcome new members to the group and reciprocate the mission the group aims to accomplish. 

“Our mission is to increase male encouragement and positive role models in the community,” Lawrence said. 

The Collegiate 100’s mission is to improve the quality of life within communities and enhance educational and financial situations for community members. Striving for academic excellence, being role models for other men and women on campus, becoming a mentor for the next generation, setting an example for integrity and honesty, advocating change for those who cannot for themselves and connecting communities. 

Collegiate 100 advisor Martin Byrd said, “We are beyond excited to usher new members into the group and accept them into the Collegiate 100 for their willingness to establish a holding on high standard and advocating change for those that cannot for themselves in connecting communities. We judge not by numbers, but impact. As I’ve gotten to know all of you, I believe in you individually and the great things you will do collectively as an organization.”

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