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Supporting Veterans Every Day

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Veterans Day serves as a moment of reflection and appreciation for the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of the individuals who have donned the uniform, safeguarding the freedoms and values we hold dear.

Veteran’s Day takes place on Nov. 11, on a Saturday this year. These heroes, who risked their lives day in and day out, did so not just for their loved ones, but for complete strangers, ensuring that we could wake up in peace and relish the opportunities our nation affords us.

Their service secures the very qualities of life we hold dear. The least we can do is show our graciousness and thanks to our veterans for allowing us to be able to freely wake up every day.

My family likes to celebrate Veterans Day every year for my grandpa to show our thanks and appreciation for fighting in WWII. We would usually go to these public events set up for veterans to tell their stories and talk with similar veterans or be able to memorialize the ones who passed away.

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There’s a lot to do at the events. One event that I attended with my family in West Palm Beach, Florida had free meals, gifts, discounts, tributes, music, helicopter pictures/tours or buggy rides given out during the event. However, the most important factor is showing your appreciation for Veterans there. Veterans would come on stage and talk about the experiences they’ve endured while serving. Of course, only if they feel comfortable doing so.

I think it’s so important to show our respects and thanks to veterans. A lot of veterans, including my grandpa, suffer from PTSD and have horrible nightmares because of the trauma they endured fighting for our country. It really has shown me a bigger picture of why we should be so thankful and show our appreciation to the veterans in our lives.

Our appreciation for veterans should extend beyond a single day on the calendar. They protect our freedoms and daily well-being, often grappling with the invisible wounds of war, like PTSD. These veterans don’t come out unscathed, but their sacrifices enable us to lead the lives we choose. Just talking with veterans and listening to their stories and being able to show your appreciation goes a long way.

If you have the opportunity to, listen to a veteran speak. Ask them when they served, where they served, what they did while serving, what it was like to serve and why they chose to do it. It will honestly make the biggest difference to them and it may give you a greater appreciation for all of our veterans.

On Veteran’s Day, there are a lot of events occurring such as parades, assemblies, candlelight vigils, churches, event celebrations, VA hospitals, worthy non-profit events or local memorial parks.

If you decide to go out to eat somewhere that day, try to look up to see if any local food businesses are owned by veterans. If so, make it your plan to shop or eat there so you can support them as much as possible.

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