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Is April Fools Day Worth the Hype?

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April Fool’s Day is often a day I overlook. Since middle school, it seemed like a dumb tradition to me. It’s just the beginning of a new month. I thought since no one I knew really participated anyway, so why should it really be celebrated? Is it really a national holiday? 

I did some research to answer my questions. It turns out that didn’t really help much. Maybe it is an April Fool’s prank, but with the many sources I looked into, there was only speculation about where this day came from. 

My favorite theory is that when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century, the year started in January instead of April like they were used to. Those that still welcomed the new year in April, were considered April Fools. According to an NPR article from last year’s April Fool’s Day, it is a way to welcome spring with comedy. 

I also learned that more than just the United States celebrates this day. In fact, it didn’t originate in the US at all. The speculation all came from European countries. This is pretty cool because through unserious activities, it is an opportunity for nations to come together. 

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I have never been one to play pranks on people. I joke around sometimes, but I was under the impression that pranking crosses the line and has the potential to make or break friendships if done a certain way. 

I believe this had something to do with the friend groups I surrounded myself with. I never felt safe around them. By the time I cultivated a friend group that I felt comfortable enough to have funny shenanigans with, I forgot about the holiday all together. 

When I was younger, I treated April Fools Day as Opposite Day. This was something that, somehow or another, I believed every kid participated in. The so-called “opposite day” didn’t necessarily need to be April Fool’s Day. It could be any day as long as you said and did the opposite of what you meant. 

When I was young, I would also joke around much more on this day, but only with my family because they were closer to me. I knew I wouldn’t get in trouble if I played a prank that was too bad on them. 

Since entering college, I have been trying new things. One of the ways I’ve been doing so is through friends introducing me to new things. I have a friend that really loves April Fool’s Day and pranking people. So, this year, I get the chance to really experience what the day is all about.

Some things that I’m helping my friend with are hiding a rubber snake in the shower and putting a noisemaker that repeats cricket sounds in our friend’s room. 

People can get really creative with this day. Some ideas are more playful and others are more harsh. But of course, it’s all fun and games however you celebrate. 

April Fools Day is still just another day on the calendar for me. People can troll others anyway no matter what day it is, but the day is a gift to be able to come together internationally to take our minds off the troubles of this world and let the silliness out.

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