FGCU earns well-deserved No. 2 ranking among clean-fun schools

This past week Florida Gulf Coast University was voted No. 2 on University Primetime’s list of “Top 50 Schools You Don’t Have to Party to Have Fun.” Many students wonder if we really do deserve that: What is there really to do after 10 p.m. or on a rainy day?
Here’s the thing: We do deserve it.
Our school is one of a few schools that offer so many programs and activities for us to enjoy. So why aren’t we as students taking advantage of it all?
One of the biggest attractions here at FGCU is our famous waterfront in North Lake. With its beautiful white sand, swimming area and various watercraft available for students use, the waterfront is a popular spot for all students.
On any given day you can find at least 20 to 30 students paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking or swimming in the lake. You can find even more students lying out on the sand catching some sun while they relax or study for a class.
In North Lake, we also have the recreation center, volleyball and basketball courts. These fun activities are a great way to have fun with your friends while keeping in shape and staying healthy.
FGCU also offers an off-campus low- and high-rope obstacle courses. This course is a fun and daring adventure for students who are seeking a bit of a thrill.
Newer additions to FGCU’s campus are the arcade areas in Eagle Hall and the SoVi pool in South Village. These new amenities give freshmen fun alternatives as oppose to spending their nights going to house parties.
Our school also has an awesome programming board. At least once a week they host an event that’s open to all students and is  usually a great time.
These events range from smaller gatherings, such as movie nights, speakers and open mic nights, to larger events such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Wacky Wednesdays.”
There are also off-campus options that won’t break a student’s budget. Many of the restaurants and business in the surrounding area, especially Gulf Coast Town Center, have special student discounts.
Pita Pit, Burger 21 and Bar Louie are just a few examples of the businesses that support our school and students.  Each of these businesses either offer a multitude of student discounts or coupons, or they have specialty nights when a student can get cheap food, such as dollar burger nights at Bar Louie.
We also have Fort Myers Beach available to us as well. Many organizations host events on the Beach, and it is known as a popular hangout spot in the area.
We are incredibly lucky to attend the school that we do. We have so many options in extracurricular activities that are safe and fun.
I believe that we definitely deserve the No. 2 spot on the lis,  because Eagles know how to have a good time.