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We’re all dying, so live it up


We are all dying.
We were dying to finish high school. We were dying to go to college, and now a lot of us are dying to graduate from college.
But then what?
What will we be dying for once we reach the next chapter in our lives? How long will we be dying until we are on our actual death beds incapable of seeing the world?
We need to stop and realize that jumping through these societal hoops of what the next steps of our lives should be is not crucial when considering our happiness and well-being.
In fact, it is killing us. It’s killing our happiness. It’s killing our liveliness. It’s killing our spontaneity.
We have become caught up with reaching some point in our lives where we will feel content. However, we will never meet this point because we are endless pits of desire. We possess a craving for a sense of completion in our lives that will never truly be satisfied.
We are sprinting through our lives to finish the race instead of taking the time to enjoy the marathon. It is OK to go easy on yourself occasionally. Let loose and have fun while you are here. The work and stress never ends, but college will.
Seize the opportunities that are thrown your way these four years you are here. If you want take a victory lap, stay a fifth year. The world will still be there ready to steal your youth as soon as you cross that stage and collect your diploma.
Start saying yes. Say yes to going out with friends on a Monday night. Say yes to joining a new club or organization. Say yes to new experiences because you never know what lessons they may have in store for you.
You learn so much in the classes you take, but you learn even more through the experiences shared together.
Start living for the moments you decide to stay up until 2 a.m. with your best friends doing absolutely nothing. Live for the moments you can grab a cup of coffee on campus in between classes and just take in how beautiful our school is. Live for the times you have the opportunity to take a last-minute road trip to visit a friend at a different school. Live for the times you can afford to skip a lecture and be there for a friend in need.
These experiences can’t be paid for with scholarship money or loans. These experiences make up your story and shape you into the person you are becoming. They prepare you for that next step you are dying to get to in life.
These experiences are your life. Enjoy and appreciate your life as it is now. Tomorrow will come way too soon and you will find yourself longing for today.
My hope is that you don’t reach the end of your book wishing you had written more in each chapter. Start writing now.
Dying is inevitable, but living is not.

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