Women’s basketball deserves more student support

It’s game time at Alico Arena during basketball season, and there are fewer than 30 students in attendance. The team is ranked 20th, ahead of a team they had  lost to earlier, and is projected to go far in the tournament. There were 1,806 fans in total attendance. It’s post-season, and the team is going for another conference championship.

The nationally ranked team racked up 74 points against a rival school March 7. Not even 2,000 people had interest in attending this game. The lack of attendance ruffles the feathers of all student athletes and Dirty Birds who do attend.

Why is attendance so low? You tell us. Is it because they’re girls? I don’t know if you know this, but they’re statistically better than our men’s team and are not one-shot wonders.

It’s embarrassing to be at a game and to be only one of maybe 22 students. Why aren’t students at these games? The team has more than a 90 percent win rate but can’t get 30 fans in the students. That’s absurd.

Students don’t have to pay to get in, and they’re almost guaranteed to be at a winning game. Games should be sold out just from students attending. Fans should be there to support their teams, especially at home games.

The FGCU women were undefeated at home this year. Undefeated. They have a record of 28-2. They average more than 73 points per game and  about 10 3-pointers a game; they literally make it rain threes.

Our team is kind of a big deal.

The women’s team is a team to be proud of, yet still averages fewer than 2,000 fans per game. The women should have more than 30 students in the arena.

School morale is vital to athletic programs. While there should be more student attendance at every sporting event, women’s basketball is the most embarrassing. It’s a highly successful program and will continue to win titles and championships.

If you are depressed about our men’s latest loss and want to attend a game actually worth cheering about, then you should be front and center at the games of one of Florida Gulf Coast University’s most consistent teams: the women’s basketball team.