Get the Shmack out of here

READ: I’m Shmacked sure to bring the party to FGCU

I have never been the “partying” type. The only beverage I drink is water. I do not take drugs. My version of living the college lifestyle is studying while watching a House Hunters marathon on a Saturday. The only thing I “turn up,” is the volume on my remote.
I understand that not everyone lives as thrilling of a life as I do. I understand that college students want to have fun, and may think fun is in the shape of black-outs, jail, and degradation of one’s body. College culture emphasizes the need to “live while we can,” while advocating destructive behavior.
People are saying how great it is that I’m Shmacked is coming to Florida Gulf Coast University. That people will want to go to our school now and that it’ll give our school recognition. If a person chooses a college because of how drunk they can get, they are missing the point — college is for an education.
I had no idea what I’m Shmacked was until people began posting about it coming to FGCU on social media. So I browsed I’m Shmacked’s website.
I watched the videos of women bouncing around without a top on, or with half a top on, and making out with other women to attract the male gaze. The women at the parties who are bouncing around topless or braless are doing so because they want to be seen as “sexy.” In society, “sexy” is something to strive for, rather than to strive to be “intelligent” or “classy.” I’m Schmacked pushes back what feminists have worked for, to be seen as equal to men, because these women are displayed as sex objects — dim-witted and plentiful.
The point of I’m Shmacked is not to showcase what a college experience should be. It does not advocate adulthood. It does not advocate mental growth. It thrives off youth. It thrives off the idea that “I don’t have to mature,” that, “I’m still young,” and “This is my time to party.” People being responsible are not in the videos.
It encourages hook-up culture. It’s like a swirling, drunken, vortex of STIs. It encourages heavy consumption of alcohol, and what’s even better is the video they take of people saying, “I like drugs.” You know your employers will love that.
You are not invincible because you are in college. You can go to jail. You can be raped. You can die. It is sad. It is sad how society perpetuates the glamour of treating people like objects, of chugging as much alcohol as possible, of losing oneself to other drugs. You are only young once, do not let the parties fool you into thinking you are entitled to live into old age.

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