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New FGCU app is off ‘fleek’

FGCU fleek is a new app that is changing how we see party culture on this campus. The app is featured on a flier on FGCU Snapchat. The flier informs students to download “Fleek College Stories,” in order to see the full uncensored story. I downloaded the app to see what all the talk was about, and boy was I surprised about what people were unafraid of posting.

There are girls posing with their breasts exposed and showing their faces. Guys take sneak photos of girls they are shacking up with. There was even a girl bent over on a truck completely naked, exposing her vagina with a caption that reads, “What happens when you drive an F-350.”

I know college is fun and that this is our place to discover ourselves and go a little crazy, but not at the expense of our futures.

“When people post nude pictures, they are just trying to get attention and have people know who they are or think they are hot, but they don’t think about how this will negatively affect them,” said Bianca Enriquez, a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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“The girls that post these pictures are now seen by the whole campus as sluts. Every guy will be looking at these girls like they are a piece of meat. They will assume since these girls had no problem showing the whole school their boobs that they will be easy to get into bed, and that is not always the case. These girls are ruining their reputation by posting one picture and it goes further than just the campus. These pictures could be found by future employers, and you can guarantee that if there boss sees these pictures they won’t have a job,” Enriquez explained.

The photos shown on FGCU Fleek only show a select few people on this campus,  but to an outsider, this may be their only perception of what our school has to offer.

“Some kids want to come to college for the party scene and some actually come here for the real reason, to study and earn a degree,” said Alexis Soros, a freshman at FGCU. “So the party kid might be like, ‘Heck yes, that place looks awesome,’ whereas the studious person will be skeptical on what really goes on at our school.

“I think the app makes us look bad, though,” Soros continued.

Students aren’t the only ones who have access to this app. Eagle News received an email from a very concerned parent who wishes to remain anonymous.

“My daughter is in the class of 2018 at FGCU,” explained the concerned parent. “She got homesick and came home this weekend. The whole time she was home she was glued to her iPhone, which is very unlike her. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was watching ‘FGCU Fleek.’ I don’t know what fleek is (apparently it has some kind of gangster connotation?), but OH MY GOD, the content on that app is NOT OKAY. Literally every other picture is a FGCU student smoking POT, binge drinking, partying, or sharing NUDE photographs! All under the name of FGCU, with the logo and everything.”

Apps such as FGCU Fleek glorify men treating women like objects. The videos of people abusing hard drugs such as cocaine or misusing prescription drugs such as Xanax paint a picture of FGCU that is far from the whole truth.

If one student’s parent was able to get the app, who’s to say your parents or future employer won’t ever download it and see you smiling with your breasts out or engaging in even more explicit material?

I am not trying to knock people for having a good time, but there is a way to have fun in college all while being smart and not putting your reputation at jeopardy just because of one post. The quick 10-second pictures that show up on the app may leave a blemish on someone else’s reputation that will last far longer than just 10 seconds.

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    Damn. I graduated too early.