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Resolutions you should make for 2016

What’s the point of making resolutions if we don’t stick with them for more than a week? Well, I believe it’s because we make our resolutions too broad or maybe too strict. The goal to make a great resolution is to keep it simple and to think of something you know you truly want to do or accomplish. Here is a list that can help you pick a resolution for 2016.

  1. Volunteer more200_s

Get out there, and help your local community. It will make you feel better and more accomplished. Plus, we have to have service-learning hours to graduate. So, find an organization that interests you, and start volunteering as graduation gets near.

  1. Spend less time online200_s-1

Don’t worry about the amount of likes you get on Instagram or telling people what you are doing every day on Twitter. Put your phone down, and live. Experience new things without having a screen in your face. You will notice little things around you that you would have never realized before.

  1. Go to your professor’s office hours29-times-college-was-a-nightmare-for-socially-anxious-people-1434489743351

If you’re not quite sure what happened in class that day, give your professor a visit during office hours. Your professors love it, and it will reflect in your grade.

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  1. Travel moregiphy

I am not saying to take a month-long trip to Europe. What I’m saying is maybe visit some place in the United States or even locally that you have never been to before. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and traveling doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the country. Hey, it could be a fun road trip with your best friends.

  1. Make more friends575711f0-ff4b-0131-075b-0eae5eefacd9

Spring semester is almost here, which means brand new classes with brand new people. Instead of sitting there quietly, strike up a conversation with the person next to you. You might even run into your new best friend.

  1. Walk or ride your bike on campus moregiphy-facebook_s

Instead of waiting 20 minutes for the shuttle every day, walk back to your dorm. This resolution is much easier to keep than “get fit” or “workout more.” Make your roommate walk with you; that way, it is more enjoyable. Oh, and, remember to wear comfortable shoes.

  1. Eat in more and out less200_s-2

This way, you can eat healthier and save money. Your health and bank account will thank you; trust me.

  1. Utilize the schools library more oftengiphy-1

Stop lying on your bed to do homework; instead, take a trip to the school’s library. It’s quiet and peaceful. And, no matter what, I always get more work done there. There are no distractions at the library, and you can rent out a study room if you plan to study with a group.

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